Monday, April 2, 2012


There are many things I have learned about being pregnant. One of those things is that pregnancy is all about waiting. First you wait to find out you are pregnant. Then you wait for the morning sickness to pass, and for your clothes to stop fitting. You wait for the first signs of movement. Then by the time you get further along you are just waiting for the baby to make it’s appearance.

But there is other waiting too. Waiting at the Doctors office, waiting to pee at the doctors office. Two weeks ago I waited for 2 hours to see my doctor, today wasn’t so bad, only about half an hour. Its a pain in the behind when the actual appointment only takes 5 – 10 minuets. Over all I do find that the medical care we get here in Canada very good. Maybe even over the top. I have seen my doctors more through the last 7  months of my pregnancy than I think I have in my life time, monthly then bi-weekly appointments, and soon weekly appointments. Its not like they do too much, I pee in a cup I get weight, they measure my belly check my blood pressure ask if I have any questions and I am out the door.

So more waiting continues, waiting to have my next appointment, waiting for the next baby kick, waiting for the baby to come. Waiting is just one more pregnancy joy!