Dean Dishes

My husband is a wonderful man. And he is a wonderful Chef. He had a blog at one point but found it too hard to upkeep. So in an effort to show our life together I am going to dedicate this section of the blog to some of the amazing food he has cooked!

SAM_0953Peanut butter and Banana French Toast.
Delish! Was a great breakfast with sliced apple on the side.

Herbed Pork Tenderloin with twice baked potato and Sweet Potato Soup.
This was delish! I had no idea he was going to such levels for me! the soup was amazing with a beautiful Mushroom garnish. and the potato was so good!

SAM_0978Tomato steamed mussels with rice and broccoli salad.
Dean’s own type of broccoli salad had chick peas and carrots… was delish!

SAM_0976Steak mashed cauliflower-potato and caraway carrots.
The mashed cauliflower-potato makes the star of this meal. It was a head of cauliflower with a few potatoes mashed and you would never have known the cauliflower was in there!
"Surf and Turf"
Halibut and pulled pork with rice and carrots. Topped with a pineapple tomato salsa. Yummy was very good!