Friday, June 26, 2009

working the weekend

So I missed yesterday, and lets face it, I sucked, I went over my calorie limit and while it's all tracked I am upset about it.

Today was better, I am close to my limit but not over. And it was all because of a gift. One of my residents bought me a timmies hot choclate, and in the large size. which was like 300+ cals! who knew!

But my day was full of busy work and over all was good. I didn't have anything exciting to eat other than my hot choclate and the day was pretty boring. So tommrow should be more excitng. But I need to plan supper and that could be interesting. Also I plan to go to the gym, so hopefully I will get there!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcomed Wensday

Well today was good, and bad. To start with the good we went to see what we are pre-approved for a mortgage and come to find out it is better than we thought. Probably won't start looking right away but it's nice to know we have the option. So that was the good part.

The bad is that I am still sick, I feel like crap. My throat is very sore and I am a little stuffed up. I napped for about an hour and a half and I am so sleepy now! I just hope that I can feel better by work for the weekend!

So needless to say I didn't get much activity in. Just a few flights of stairs, lol. But I was in my calorie range so I am happy about that. I had oatmeal for breakfast, with some added brown sugar so I would keep my appetite up. For lunch I had tomato soup with some crackers. Supper was very yummy, I had mashed potatoes and broccoli and chicken Parmesan. It was very good, Dean did an awsome job. And to top it all off I had some ice cream!

So that was my day, I am on a course tomorrow so don't have to be into work as early. Get off later though. And it will be challenging because lunch is provided and it may not be calorie friendly. But I will try my best. And I will get a little walk in so that will help!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to work

Well I was glad to be back to work, but the drama is insane! I am up for a new position which I am excited about nervous though...

Today was a fairly good day, until this evening when my throat was killing me, it is still sore but I think I know why now. Huge allergy attack! I don't know what has triggered it though.

So now for some pics from Winnipeg...And there we go, my first pics on my blog.

So for eats today I stayed within my calories, although not much to spare for snacks tonight.

I had breakfast nice and early instead of eating on the run. I had a muffin and banana, at work I had some yogurt and all bran buds and lunch was leftovers from last night. I also snuck in a handful of Doritos, but felt bad afterword. Then supper was pasta and Dean made a small Cesar to go with, it was very yummy. And to top it off I had some hot chocolate. I might sneak in some sweet and spicy mix but not sure yet.

And I went to the gym! I was very happy to go to the gym, it had been a while. I only did some on the treadmill but it was good to be back. Tommorw we might go and get Dean joined up, not sure yet.

So off to relax and watch some telly!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Well I am home, and glad to be. The trip was good, but a little long. So today was also a new start. We picked up grocheries and got healthy stuff. I am also going to track my calories again and start going to the gym again. Dean will even start going too. I am also looking at job options as alot is going on at work right now. My first day back is tommorw and I am excited to get back into a routien. Even though this week is busy and going to be long once the weekend hits.

On another note my doggy had sx on her toe and is doing good now, she did have a infection though. And my kitty missed me like crazy. All he did all night was purr!

Today I had a good breakfast and Dean made a good pannini sandwich for lunch, I'm still a bit hungry though so may sneak upstairs for some crackers. Supper is suppose to be Turkey tetrazini and will probably be a bit pricy in the calories but it will be good. After supper I hope to get out for a walk but the rain may dampen that idea, we shall see.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Manitoba

So I am in Winnipeg, visiting the inlaws. I can say I had fun. We have done alot, but now it's getting close to go home. I am home sick and miss my bed, and my kitty and my family. So what have I done, well we went to the forks which is a big market park thing. And we went to the red river ex, which was fun, and I didn't do anything upsidedown, and we have done a few other things... oh the zoo that was fun!!! anyway to go now and relax on vacation!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early Start to my Vacation

So Dean was off sick yesterday and still wasn't feeling good today, so we both played hooky and i got to start my vacation early! We leave on Thursday and while I am scared to be getting on the plane I am excited to be going. We hopefully will have a wonderful time. But when I get back I will dedicate myself to losing 20 lbs by the time of the wedding. That is 3 months away and that is totally possible. I have to go for a dress fitting soon so then I will know what area's I really need to work on... Like my arms and back! Well Wish me luck and hope everyone has a good time while I am away!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I did it!

So I completed the Relay for life! It rained a little and we are all sleepy but we had a good time. Our team rased over 2000 dollars, which was good and I will definitly do it again next year. Our set up was of a boxing ring and i think it looked very good. So now just to relax and remember why we did it. And sleep lots!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


So I am sitting here, Thinking, drinking my 1L cooler and relizing I am doing the Relay for Life tommrow and why I am doing it. I am doing it for a few reasons, and in reality probably more than I know. I am doing it for my grandfather... He is pallitive care and has a rare type of skin cancer... Has been all the way to Hamilton Ont for treatment with no real success. I am doing it for one of the residents I wored with who died of bowel cancer very suddenly and had no real warning. I am doing it for Dean's dad who had cancer as well as my other grandfathers side of the family... almost all of which are gone due to cancer. While we have come so far we still have so far to go and this is why I am doing this. I may not have raised alot the money but I am supporting the cause. I am happy to be healthy and able to do this for those who can't.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Its been a while

Its been a while since I blogged, I've had alot going on with my life. My Grandfather is sick and not so well and I have been training a new nurse at work. I have been very stressed out and probably not coping the best I could. But I started yesterday with eating better, I am not going to say good I am just going to eat when hungry and stop when full. I have had so ups and downs lately and am now getting excited for our trip to winnipeg that is comming up. Also we are doing the relay for life and I am getting excited for that. Please support us at

I ran around my 1K loop yesterday and am thinking very hard of doing it again this eveing, But other than that i what to relax and enjoy my day off before I go back for 2 more day.