Wednesday, September 30, 2009

still searching

Good Evening.

I am sad to report I am still soul searching. I have had a few crappy days and I am sure I am driving my loving husband crazy!

I hate to whine, and whimper but I will be honest in saying that I am. I don’t know what is wrong with me, I don’t know if it’s ever going to sink in.

Part of me thinks I need to go to counselling or something. Or get medical help to feel better about myself. And it’s not just my weight, or my image, its just how I feel in general.

It’s Wednesday already and I am exhausted. I cannot wait for the weekend. and it will go way too fast, I just know it. well that’s about it, I don’t feel I can blog well when I have too many thoughts all mixed up in my head.

I will leave everyone with this though, could you please send a prayer for my Papa?


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Soul Searching

Well I must say I haven't been following my plan, at all. And I am very discouraged about it. I know I want this, I know I need it. If I didn’t want it then I wouldn’t settle and I could leave it all and not care, but I can’t seem to do that, I’ve tried.

So now I am doing this, Dean will help me and I am asking anyone and everyone for help. I am scared to fail again, and I am really thinking this is almost impossible, but I will do it.

So I need help with some creative healthy snacks and meals. I also need some help finding some activity that I will enjoy. I used to enjoy walking but where we are at now the scenery is the highway and I find that very dull and boring. I would love to have something at home like a treadmill or something but there honestly isn’t any room. Me and Dean will still go to the gym, and I am honestly going to try to do 40 minutes on the cardio machines.

I am done making up excuses and done not doing things, I have the support and there is no reason I can’t do this!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

WWE Weekend

Good Evening bloggers, hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend. I know I did. So Saturday morning showed up early when the clock showed 6:40 and I was wide awake. So up I got and Dean made me some wonderful scrambled eggs! We puttered around the house for a while, I got the wedding pictures on CD and Dean cleaned up and packed a bit for our night at the Delta Barrington! We left the house around 1030 and went to Wal-Mart where I printed off the Wedding pictures and I’ll tell ya there were alot of them! So after that we got some lunch and I stopped at work to drop off some timbits to my staff and pick up my coffee thermos. We checked into the Delta and had a drink at the lounge then went up to our room!

100_1543 100_1546

Then after relaxing a bit we walked up to Bubba Rays Sports bar. Dean had gone there for his Bachelor party and said they had 50 different types of sauces to go on Chicken wings. I definitely had to try it!!

100_1547  100_1550

After supper we headed down to the Metro Center to wait for the doors to open for WWE RAW! We got there really early and had some good shots to take of Citadel Hill.

100_1552  100_1553So the doors opened and we went it. It was a good event and my first time seeing it live. But I must admit I like it better on TV! After the event we went to the casino with some friends where they were having UFC. Now I used to like MMA but haven't been much of a fan lately. So me and Dean went out on the floor and played some machines. We put 30 $ in and on our very last play we won 30 $! So we left with nothing out of our pockets! We headed back to our hotel room where we received a lovely surprise of 2 Cheese plates and glasses of wine because we had mentioned at the front desk we got married last weekend. 100_1717  And then we went to bed.

Today was good, we got up and went to breakfast. We ran some errands and then came home and are relaxing for the evening. The week should be a good but busy one, but I am going to try my hardest to eat good and exercise!

Friday, September 18, 2009

It’s Friday!!!

Good evening bloggers. I took a break yesterday because my day wasn’t all that exciting and my food was about the same as it’s been all week. I did get to the gym and I was so sleepy when I got home that I sat in front of the TV and napped most of the evening.

Today though was a pretty good day overall and I am soooo glad it’s Friday!

Work was a good day, I love the staff I worked with today and I hadn’t seen them since I have been back and she was so excited to hear about the wedding, and since my pictures are on Facebook now I got to show them to alot of people.

I got off and we headed home, Dean made supper and it was awesome, Steak and baked potatoes with mashed sweet potatoes! Then we came down to relax and got a upsetting call. Deans parents live in Winnipeg and their 17 year old dog (yea old!) had to be put down today because she was full of cancer. It was upsetting and we are all sad, but at 17 it is safe to say she lived a good life, and all doge go to heaven!!!

So tonight we are relaxing and getting excited for tomorrow where we go to a WWE Raw house event at the metro center. We also have a room booked at the Delta Barrington and are looking at this as a little honeymoon!

My Dad goes back to Ont. Tomorrow which kind of sux but he has been home for 2 weeks and had a good vacation, now its time for everyone to relax and get back into a routine!



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First day back at it.

Well today was my first day back to work as MRS. Anderson. It was a good day not much to catch up on (that might be since I was getting my e-mails at home…) And over all a productive day. I had to wait for Dean to pick me up but I sat outside and read a bit. Then we ran some errands on the way home.

I am fundraising for the 5 Center unit fund and we are keeping our bottles from the unit to bring in. Today which was our first bag was 3.10 – which is pathetic. I am trying to find some other good ways to fundraise but I am not sure what to do. Does anyone have any ideas of what to do???

I finished Time Travelers Wife and have started Cujo. I am not sure if I will like it. But I do like Stephen King so we shall see. I don’t have alot to choose from right now on my book shelf and maybe that is a hint to start some cross-stitching… I’ll see after this week.

My review of The Time Travelers Wife is a 3.5 out of 5. And while it was better than the movie I found it  hard to read and wasn’t really happy with the ending. But I would recommend it, especially if you have seen the movie.

So my eats today were all over the board. Breakfast started with a strawberry ricekrispy square and some vanilla milk. I often find waking up at 5:00 that I am nauseated and can’t eat alot.  I then had a coffee, and think I put a little too much cream in it. I was offered to split fish and chips with a co-worker and did so… yea I know bad me, but it tasted good. And then had my salad that I packed. I also had some yogurt and a granola bar at work. Supper was spaghetti with ground pork and mushrooms, yummy! there may have been some garlic fingers in there too….

So now I am all settled in for the evening, not sure what we are going to do yet. I would like to watch a movie but if I mention it I know I will be the one to have to pick one…

Nite everyone!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The start of the evening posts.

Good evening bloggies, this is the start of my evening posts. The way I see it most of my posts will be in the evening after I get home from work.

So today was productive. I finished the laundry and am almost finished my book. I have about 70 pages left and about 2 – 3 hours to read it… yea it might happen.

I also got most of my wedding pictures in order to put on a disk and facebook and things like that. Here are some of my fave’s:

100_1453 hd (120) hd (155) hd (353) IMG_1085

Ok so there they are! And that is just some of them. So after my morning I headed in with Mom and Dad and met Dean and we headed to the gym! I only did 25mins on the treadmill, but better than nothing. Then we ran a few errands and came home.

The afternoon was relaxing, and then we had a nice supper. Followed by me making salad for the next 3 days of work! That is right I cannot complain about making lunches as all the hard work is done! Now me and Dean are relaxing on the couch and waiting for the season premier of The Biggest Loser!

So my eats today were kind of good kind of bad. Breakfast was some raisin toast with butter and a yogurt. I didn’t have a snack through the morning which was good in a way because while I was waiting for Dean at Sobeys I had Chicken Tenders and Taters… Then on the way home we bought a small pack of mini eggs (that's right they are around all year). Supper was yummy shake n bake chicken and baked potatoes with peas. So I am thinking not too bad. I don’t know what will happen for a small snack tonight, maybe some pudding…. Anyway tomorrow is back to work….

Last day of vacation:(

Good morning, well today is my last day of vacation. I didn’t get an evening post in about my eats last night because I was not feeling great and just wanted to read my book. I am reading The Time Travellers Wife. It is good and I am enjoying it. I am going to try to finish it off today though.

So my eats yesterday started off good. Breakfast was cereal with a banana on top. Then I had a snack of 1 cup of melon (honeydew and cantaloupe). For Lunch I finished off the Chinese food that was in the fridge. It was so bad as most of it was chow mien. Then I took the turn for the worse. There was still chips and chip dip left so I dived into that. Blah, I felt guilty but what could ya do? So Supper was roast beef mashed potatoes and carrots and was very good. Then me and Dean had to go out for a few things and I bought some pop (non diet), grrr. And rounded the night out with popcorn, but I didn’t eat the whole bag!

Today I have one more load of laundry to do, and I think I will be going to the gym if all works out vehicle wise. I also may play around with Photoshop some more editing pictures from the wedding. Here is one I did myself;



Ha there we go, Well I may be back again tonight, we will have to wait and see. 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mrs. Dean Anderson (that’s me)!

Ok good morning to the people of blog land. I am now a married woman and happy to say that my wedding day was awesome! I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I danced my feet off and am still sore from it, but oh well!!!

And now that I am married and my “new” life is starting I will be trying to blog more often, and get better at it. And also I am going to lose this weight and be healthy!!!

I got on the scale this morning and to my surprise I was below 180! Ok so not by much, 179.5, but still i was surprised to see it. So I am now onto sparkpeople and my goal for now is to be 160 by March when we go away for our hunnymoon!

And now for some pictures! I have started using Windows Live Writer because I didn’t like the way Blogger was inserting pictures. I found it too hard to do. And while I still need to work on this it’s pretty cool, and seems alot easier. 




IMG_0927IMG_0135 IMG_0160



And there we have it some awesome pictures taken by awesome people. Check out Lynn for some other pictures she has been editing for me.

So that will wrap up for now as this has taken some time, but I will be back with my eats this evening!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last post as a single woman

Haha, So its Thursday, two freaking days away and I will be married. I have been busy but also enjoying my vacation. Today is jammed ful of errands and getting money and dropping stuff off and those type of things but it is sunny out (although a bit cold) and I am excited.

Dean has been at school all week, and I must say I enjoy my mornings alone, at first I didn't and it felt really odd, but now I like just puttering around in my PJ's for a bit and then get up and get going. Dean is a wake up shower and get dressed kinda man and then I feel like I should be dressed (I shower at night usually). So this pace is nice, espically for vacation.

So Like I said today is busy running errands, and tommorow is my rehersal dinner and a few more errands and then Saturday is the big day!!!! I am so excited and can't wait for it all to be over and settled down so I can start kicking my butt skinny!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The count down is on....

OK good morning bloggers, its a cool chilly morning here on the Eastern Shore and I am so proud to say that my husband to be has his first day of school today! He waited to go back until he knew what he wanted and now that he does he is hitting it full force. I know that he was nervous this morning, but I know he will kick ass!

On my end of things I am on vacation and still will end up going into work today. I have some errands to run that way today and we are having a baby shower for on of the girls. She has been through a lot and also this way I can check up on my residents... lol.

I also plan to send off a lot of e-mails to confirm all my wedding plans with people and get the final payments arranged. My parents who I love dearly, came down with a cheque last night which will cover most of it, which is on top of what they have already paid. It means so much to me that they would do this.

And I will leave you all with a picture of my proposal scrabble board...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

5 Days left as a single woman....

So the wedding is very close now, in like less than a week! I had a busy week at work last week and had my final dress fitting, also got groceries and shopped a bit. This weekend was my baccalaureate party and it was a blast. I am glad to say that I am feeling better now, although this morning I was not well at all. I slept most of the day and while there were pics taken they weren't on my camera. I got a spa day too and had a facial and manicure and pedicure and loved every minute of that. I am all glamed up now and ready to get married!

This week will be busy. My dad is in from Ont. and with the wedding stuff to do I will be kept busy. I need to take my dress to get steamed, and have to pick it back up. And just work all the last minute details out. But I am glad to say it is all coming together!!!!