Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Walk it off!

Hello hope everyone is having a good week! I am having an ok week. Yesterday was better than today, but I am now feeling better.

The past 2 days I have been tracking and even though today I slipped and bought some greasy food I was with in my calories! I guess that is the advantage of doing things slow, because I am not restricting my calories as much as I have in the past. When I look at my B12 and Iron intake though they are lacking, it’s not hard to see why I need to supplement with pills!

I have also gone for a walk for the past 3 days! I am very happy to be exploring my new neighbourhood. There seems to be some varying degrees of wealth/property around my area. We are in a duplex, and all around us are other duplex’s. But yesterday when we walked there were houses, but not too fancy and today ho! There were some houses, we are talking probably $500,000 homes. But it’s nice to see it all and dream about maybe one day moving up into them! The walking is also really helping with the stress levels and my sleeping. I only wake up once though the night and am able to fall back to sleep fairly quickly.

That's really it for me lately. I have been reading before I go into work in the mornings. Working my days, which have been a bit stressful this week! And coming home and reading again, or cross-stitching. We have been watching Angel the past few nights and it’s nice to be in a routine! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Crash Forward

Wow Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we had our dinner yesterday and it was yummy! Mom came over and Dean did all the cooking. I am truly thankful for having such a wonderful husband who will do pretty much anything to make me happy.

I did do something yesterday I shouldn’t have done… I stepped on my scale. It wasn’t pretty. I have pretty much gotten back to my weight of 2 years ago. I held it together yesterday, really concentrated on what I wore and being happy that I was spending time with my mom. But in the back of my mind I kept thinking about it. This morning when I woke up I knew something had to change, I can’t wait until November like I had planned, I would hate to see the scale if I waited that long! So this morning I made a new account to Sparkpeople. I had breakfast while setting my goals. Truth is I plan to take my time and do this the right way.

After breakfast we finished hanging pictures and unpacking. Every last box in this house is gone! I am so glad that we can just relax for a bit now and find a routine not that everything has a place! Lunch rolled around and I totally lost it. I wanted to have some cheese (still do actually) but looked at the NI and freaked, why does cheese have to have so many calories! Really what I think happened is a sort of grieving. I had just sort of pushed the number the scale said away but really didn’t deal with it. Well it hit me today, I got mad I yelled and then I cried. Dean and all his wonderfulness helped me though it and I feel better now.

We have gone for a 50 minute walk and I wore my HRM and tracked my calories. It is a very nice day out and I am glad I could enjoy it. Even if walking up the huge hill at the end almost killed me! Its back to work tomorrow and I am sure after being off for four days all hell will be waiting in my inbox!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Flavour are you?

I am waiting for hubby to come home and after doing everything I wanted to accomplish today I thought I would post.

I only started blogging in 2009. I started blogging because friends of mine where and said it was a great way to be accountable. I don’t feel this way, I do feel blogging is a good way of getting thought and feelings out. I also use it to share success. I have changed alot since 2009 but never thought of this as a “Weight loss blog” or even a “Healthy living blog.” It is simply my blog, me taking it one day at a time, posting when I want, and sharing what I want.

To say I wasn’t influenced by others would be a lie. There was a time I got upset because I didn’t have alot of followers or get alot of comments. That has since passed. Alot of people in blogland have either stopped blogging or talked about not blogging or changed the way they view blogging. For me I will continue sharing my experience to finding a better me. I guess I would count as a “Healthy Living blog” and maybe even a “Weight loss blog” but I don’t see me that way. I am what I am and I am thankful for the followers I have and the comments I get. It is nice to know someone is out there!

That is all, but maybe think about what flavour blog you have and see if it’s what you really want. I am definitely more a journal then anything else, I just write to an audience. Even if it’s just my self in a year or two!

Ok now onto the glories of today!

This morning I used our central Vac for the first time, its a thing a genius! We have laminate floor throughout but totally beat sweeping with the broom, plus it was fun to chase that cat around with it!

After cleaning I decided to have some fun, bring in the hobbies!


Other than my hobbies on the computer I also love reading, cross-stitching and playing video games! I was at one time cross-stitching so much that I made a blog, but I since had lost the motivation to work on my projects. Well today I picked up all three hobbies!

I cross-stitched this morning and watched Anne of Green Gable The Sequel. By the end of it I was in tears, I am such a softy.

After that I had some lunch and then decided to try out my soaker tub. Let me tell you that thing is beautiful. I sat in a bubble bath for about 40 minuets reading my book. It was sooo relaxing! After my bath I headed back downstairs to get the Xbox 360 hooked up to the internet, after doing that I played around for a bit. Now I am getting chilled and waiting for hubby to come home. Not sure what is up for tonight but I was thinking maybe going out and getting some Starbucks unless he brings me some home!

Tomorrow we are having our Thanksgiving dinner and my mom is coming over. I am excited to show her the house now that all our stuff is mostly put away! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Quick and easy update!

Hey everyone, I am finally glad to say today is the first day I don’t feel the pressure to do a whole lot of stuff.

We are almost unpacked and really all that's left is for pictures to go up. Of course we have a whole lot we want to buy but that will take time. Also I finally have the internet back so I don’t need to worry about going to Starbucks to pay the bills! Today we need to go get groceries again and other than that I am not doing a whole lot.

I am happy to say I am physically worn out. We have not stopped since closing day and we have 3 flights of stairs in our house! I think my legs will be in shape. What did bother me was that doing those three flights up was exhausting. Now I did have some sort of lung infection before moving in and I am hoping that is was that. It has gotten easier now but wow, I need to get active again! I have been taking my vitamins everyday and have even tried to up my Iron to twice a day, I only hope that when I go to the doctor later in the month everything will be in the right spot. Eating has been rather up and down, while Dean cooks healthy and we have eaten lots of fruit and veggies there have been a few slips at work. But such is life and I am moving on. I haven't been tracking anything and I haven't stepped on the scale but until we are in a routine those things would only create more stress.

Mentally Dean and myself are fantastic. Getting out of my mothers basement has been a huge change. I am more alert now, and care more now about things I didn’t really care about before. I am stating to want to look good again and I have not had an “episode” of utter depression and self loathing since we have been here.

Well that is it for today, I am happy to say I am relaxing will probably get my book out soon.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Starter Home

Well the post you’ve all been waiting for… Ok maybe not but I’ve been waiting to post it! My new home, my new lease on life, and my new way of thinking.

So its October 1st and I have been thinking about weighing in alot… I am going to hold off. I know what the scale said before I moved and I know that I gained weight. I will wait until November 1st to weigh in. The thing in that won’t take very long. Dean has been very good at making sure we bring in good things to our house and not processed junk. He wants to eat right and exercise and develop a good routine. Me too so it all works!

Ok so pictures. We bought a 3 level 4 bedroom semi-private, I already can say there are too many stairs!

SAM_0719Kitchen with Dining room behind me,

Living room which is also where all our stuff is so far,SAM_0720

SAM_0728 basement bedroom, or Caspian's room, and probably future exercise room!





Upstairs bathroom,SAM_0722

SAM_0724 Our bedroom (love the colors!) and no that is not our permanent bed, it is a single we bought from the owners and that is what we are sleeping on, its been tight but cozy!,




basement laundry and bathroom. SAM_0727

The other bedrooms are just bedrooms but I have before pictures so I can compare with the finished product!. So there ya go, so far we have the kitchen unpacked and our clothes are hanging in the closet, of which is amazing with shelves and organizers… plus a additional walk in closet!

Well since this will be posted from Starbucks hopefully today I will leave you there. The rest of our big stuff comes tomorrow and I am sooooo excited!! I will be in touch!