Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Good Evening! Well 2009 is coming to an end. I have done alot this year but in the end am no way saying that it was my best year but I had some accomplishments.

I did my first 5K, I’ve moved, I got married!

On the down side – I didn’t really lose any weight, I didn’t run my 5K, and my living arrangements are not the best.

So This year I have a few resolutions and they all revolve around each other really.

So here they are;

By next Christmas I want to be in our own house. For this to happen we need to be budget wise and look for the deals.

So next is to budget and have a good savings plan. We will be using money – real money not our debit cards. We hope this will let us save some money or at least see where it is all going!

Next up I plan to RUN the Bluenose 5K. I am not excepting a great time but I really hope to do it.

And last up is to be healthy enough to have a baby. This means I need to go to the Dr. and get some more blood work, see what she says and lose this weight and feel comfortable in my body. I also means having money and being in a house! See all related!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 weeks in pictures

Alright instead of boring everyone with details here are the pictures of the last 2 weeks with a few blurbs;

First up Dean’s practical test study session; See Lynn’s blog for a full review;












Next us ready for my Christmas party at work.



My Birthday Dinner at Mongoli Grill




And Finally Christmas Day!


100_1841 100_1845 100_1848100_1849     100_1838 100_1842 100_1846     100_1839 100_1843 100_1847     100_1840 100_1844


Stay tuned for my new years resolutions!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas week craziness

Well everyone, I am back at it to some degree, and I am happy to report that at last weigh in (Christmas Eve) I was down 1.8 lbs. I haven't over indulged too much, and I go back to work tomorrow and will start tracking my points. I have pictures and I will put them up over the next week.

I must say I am so glad to be getting back into a routine, and I can’t wait until all the goodies are gone and put away!

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and that they have a Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

been a long week

Hey everyone,

I know I havn't been around, I have alot of catching up to do. Off to WW today and then out for supper, will be back tomorrow hopefully though!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Catch up and move on!

Evening everyone!!

So I haven't been around all week. So here is a quick update;

Tuesday – we hit the gym

Wednesday – Not too much happened

Thursday – I worked extra for Friday off and due to that I didn’t get to the gym.

Friday – Ah the good stuff begins. Friday I was off and went Christmas shopping with Mom and got some good stuff! Then it was on to Dean’s Holiday Buffet at NSCC! Well it was good let me tell ya!

Here is some of the prep work!

100_1798100_1799 100_1800

100_1804 100_1802

And followed by my plates…

100_1812This was from the meat station; BBQ Pork, Chicken, Turkey, a risotto spring roll, twice baked potatoes, and lamb and Couscous.



100_1813Second was a bit of sesame pasta salad, some cheese and Caesar salad in a ice cream cone!





And last was dessert; Hot Chocolate, and some stuff…

 100_1815 100_1814







And Last a pic of my Hubby;


So with all that damage how did I do for the Weigh In;

Well I went and was down .4 lbs, so that isn’t sooo bad. We then hit up the gym as usual and now are relaxing while Dean cooks some yummy for supper!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Someone S*** on the Coats

So quick recap of Friday and Saturday to get to the good stuff that happened on Sunday;

Friday I worked and we got groceries and had Subway for supper. I was honestly not knowing what to except for my weigh in Saturday.

Saturday – while Lynn and Angie were running the Santa Shuffle I went to our WW meeting alone. Which was weird because I felt nervous about going in alone, but I did it, and with a .4 loss! I was very excited because it brought my total weight loss to 6 lbs in a month!!

We Christmas shopped Saturday and ended up going to friends and having some wine and cheese! It was a fun night!

Sunday we woke up to snow, which would have been wonderful if we were home, and didn’t have to go out Sunday. I was worried our night would be cancelled.

But it wasn’t and I got ready;


And we headed out. We went to The Old Triangle for supper. I had Pub Style Curry, Chicken curry served the Irish way, over chips with home-cooked mushy peas. I had sweet potato fries instead of regular and they were very good. However as always there were to many so I didn’t eat them all. We also had a Hummus plate to start and I had ginger bread for desert. 


We then headed to the main event. I love Dane Cook and so does the hubby and when we heard he was comming here we definitly wanted tickets! His opening acts were Al Del Bene and Robert Kelly




It was awesome, I laughed through it all. We got out late and I crashed hard as soon as we got home!

Today was back to work, and I was sluggish all day, my eats were also not the greatest. However I will say I was proud of myself because we had pizza for supper and I steamed myself some Broccoli because I hadn’t touched a vegetable all day.

Now I am relaxing with Dean watching a movie and we will be going to bed early!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Evening blog land.

Well I realized today that there have been some things I have been meaning to show you that haven't made the blog yet. Not much news though. I have looked through my pictures and it totally reminded me of things to show everyone!

100_1748   100_1747

These are my Day one pictures from WW. I will be taking the same poses this Saturday for my one month weigh in. I am feeling ok about this weigh in. If I can stay the same I will be happy (I ate a piece of pizza today!)


This is the cross-stitch I am currently working on. This is with out any of the backstitching and I am very excited how well it turned out pictures wise. I will update everyone when it is finished.


And here is my living room all decorated for Christmas. I love my sleigh with my Sears stuffed toys!

100_1775 100_1772 100_1774

My village is a work in progress I hope to find some snow this year for it. And I would love to get a picture of the lights in action (they are multi function that Dean loves!) but I don’t think I will turn out right.

So now I am going to eat supper, I went to the gym and had a huge NSV; I ran for 15 out of 25 minuets on the treadmill today! Yay me!

Oh yes I also finally joined Twitter to enter into a draw from Things to do for Two. So follow me, my user name is hollyoneday.

Have a good night everyone!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Alright so I last left everyone Monday Evening.

So yesterday was a very good day for me. I didn’t eat a thing out of plan. I did use some flex points for some sherbet though! I had an amazing wrap for lunch that I was excited about; 100_1780 And we hit up the gym. We only got 25 minuets of cardio in because Dean wasn’t feeling good but still that was better than nothing, and I ran more than I have lately.


100_1782But Dean did make an amazing supper!  Pork chops, applesauce, spaghetti squash and rice all laid out all pretty like he is learning in school.

The picture just doesn't do it justice.

Today I spent decorating at work. We had raised enough money for some good new decorations as some of the stuff was 15 years old! I did fairly well today eats wise, I splurged and bought lunch, but sometimes you just gotta!

Now I am relaxing and trying to make some plans for the busy few weeks ahead. We are going to see Dane Cook on Sunday and then to a small staff dinner Wednesday and Dean is cooking at a Buffet Dinner for his school for family and friends that we plan to attend. I also have our unit Christmas party and the organizations Christmas party, my birthday and then Christmas…

Tomorrow we are going to the gym, and I hope to hit it hard, Although I can honestly say I feel good this week. I  haven't eaten all my flex points and then some already, and I have gotten a fair amount of activity in.