Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello from the new Laptop!

Hey there people in blog land! I am checking in from the new laptop. There was a little incident last night which ended in my old one breaking. Thankfully it didn't blow up so I didn't loose my pictures and stuff, but it will take a few days to get up and running again.

Today was my last day on my floor and it was a good day to end. I start on my new floor Tuesday after a 4 day weekend!

Tomorrow we are heading in for my dress fitting and supper with friends. I am excited and can't wait for the whole weekend.

Food wise I didn't do very well today but I am ok with that. I didn't track everything and that is about the only thing I am upset about. But overall we went to the gym so I am ok with the day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to work

Alright so yesterday was a good day, I got to the gym, I ate within my calories and it was sunny and hot.

Today although sunny and hot I was at work so boo to that. It gets to 36 degrees most sunny days where I work with no air conditioning. Work was good though and I may have splurged on an Ice Capp, but it was so hot! And I only have tommrow on my floor and then I start a new position I am very excited about.

Other than that not much to say, gonna head to the beach I think after supper for a nice walk and maybe some ice cream... we will see what the calories say after supper!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All Party'd out!

Well I busted my calorie's for yesterday. No point even to cry about it. I did it, I tracked it as accuratly as I could, I move on....

But I had an awsome day! It started with heading into town with mom to try on the wedding dress and bring it home! I didn't remember it completly and I love it! Will need some alteations but not too many. I am super excited.

Then we met up with My MoH and her daughter, on of my bridesmaids and went to Micheals for flowers... $200 later we left to go and bring them back to put it all together. And that's when McDonalds happened. And I learned my lesson, No more Number 2's for me.

So we came home and started drinking, it was vodka and crystal light for me. And my MoH made some awsome flowers... I will post pics soon.... So from about 5 till 1230 we got 5 bouqets done and 3 boutneirs. So we only have 7 left to go and they shouldn't take that long. We didn't hit the bed untill 2:00 and I am a little slow going today but loved every moment of yesterday and the wedding talk!

In all I went over what I had planned by about 900 cals, which was the Micky D's and a little extra vodka I didn't need. But it was worth it and we are headed to the gym today to burn some calories!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Weigh In!

Ok so Last week I was really upset with my weigh in (184lbs), But I redeemed myself and this week weigh 180! Still not near where I want and I can't seem to really get into the 170's but it's a loss and that I will handle. And today I am picking up my wedding dress! yay!. It isn't altered yet and I need to look into how long it takes so I can know where I need to be weight wise and kinda stay there untill after the wedding. I am hoping it won't need to much altering.

And also since today is weigh in day and I lost I will allow myself a bit more to eat. Specily since my maid of honor is coming over for drinks and flower making!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here we go again.

Here I go again.

I had a little break down and am now commited to doing this. I realize that my wedding is very close now. And I also relize that this is the time, and to stop waiting for somthing to click. So the past few days I have ate about 1200 calories, and today while I was a bit over I still stayed around 1500. We have gone to the gym more and I will be working towards being more active. So tommow I weight in with hopes of being down!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A great day!!!!!

What a day!!!!

We started the day with very good breakfast burritos. With egg and tomato, mushroom, some cheese and salsa. It was awesome. I then had a shower and we relaxed a bit and then went to Clam Harbour Beach.
It wasn't sunny but wasn't cold and rainy. We walked the length of the beach and back, and then did these;

Now while I still plan on going to the park, I think this counts towards some of my weekly challenge for the 15 week Challenge!!!!

We went to a fish shack for lunch, and I was very disappointed. I wanted a clubhouse and fries, thinking they would at least have that. But they honestly had nothing healthy there. Everything was deep-fried. I ended up with fish and chips which I enjoyed, but the calories were not pretty.

I got home and was told to call work... and I got the new position I was trying for!!!! It wasn't on the unit I wanted but the one I got is a good one with good staff. So I think everything will work out.

So I napped and then we went to the NSLC for some celebration wine!!!!

So today I am not counting the rest of my calories, but we had a relatively good supper and I won't be snacking too much, just the wine, maybe some chips, lol.

Tomorrow we are off to town and to get our passports, also going to go to point pleasant, and I may even do Amy's workout Wednesday challenge in the park, although I am not looking forward to arm exercises.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a day!

I had a crazy day and I still stayed within my calories!!!!

So today was crazy! I started off right with some yogurt and a banana for breakfast, I knew lunch was provided at a meeting but wasn't sure what it was so I wanted to go light. I also had some tziki and pita for a snack.

I had the second part of my interview process today and got totally overwhelmed and was very nervous. But in the end I think I did OK and will get the job. The rest of my normal day was spent in a meeting as I am precepting a nursing student. Lunch was provided but it was relatively healthy, which doesn't normally happen. It was vegetable lasagna and salad. I was very impressed that I even liked the lasagna.

I stayed extra at work today so made some extra cash. But along with staying late comes a free supper, which at our little cafe is normally not good food. I splurged and has some french fries and a chicken club wrap, but only half as my hunny came to eat supper with me.

So I feel I did good, and working a bit longer helped burn off some calories too!

I am off for the next 2 days and hope to get to the gym and also to the park to do some exercise and full-fill Amy's challenge for this week.

Well off to relax and DE-stress!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Days ahead

Well that is it, I think I have mastered this eating trick and have finally stopped giving up. I did well yesterday and even better today. I am eating healthy and I am happy. Now I have to work on the exercise part, which thanks to Amy's 15 week challenge I will get some of it done. Her challenge this week is to workout in the park, so Wednesday or Thursday when I am off I plan to drag Dean to a park and we will do something active, I am thinking Frisbee or a jog, or both, or maybe just catch. I know it doesn't sound like much but anything is a step up for me.

So my calories have been good and I have been feeling better. We have a camping trip coming up and I am excited for that, although nervous that it will go badly on the eating wise. But I feel I will be active enough to counteract it.

Oh and my weight in was only down .5, but better than up!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Back from planet insane!

OK so I was a little busy this past week with an interview for a new position, that being said I did track a few days but some where just really bad. But it's all behind me know whatever the out come and will focus on my weight.

That being said I signed up for Amy's 15 Week Challenge, which can be found at;

Now I didn't do this weeks challenges. One was to re-create a recipe to make it more healthy. Now this would have been hard anyway since I don't do most of the cooking I just omit food from my plate. The other challenge was a workout Wednesday, which for me I was working and then had to study for my interview which was more important. But next week I am all the ball and will complete everything. I was down a pound this week as well which while I wish it was more its one a week, for 15 weeks would put me 15 pounds lighter. which would put me in the 160's!. So I am excited for a new week!.