Sunday, July 25, 2010


Wow it’s hard to believe a whole week went by. Even though it seemed slow while I was working. So this is my 201st post. Hard to believe. I tried to get the motivation to blog yesterday but when I looked at it I found it kind of hard to think that in the year and a half I have blogged I don’t have a whole lot to show when it comes to my success.





I guess I notice the pudgy in the tummy gone a bit, but the weight is still about the same. I also wish I could say I felt good, but to be honest alot of time I don’t. I have had 4 pretty good days. Today I had a few moments of crappy thinking but over all I am trying very hard to stay positive and focus on the good things.

I think I have figured out my food plan:

  • Track using Spark People.
  • Stay within 1200 and 1550 calories as recommended by them.
  • I will track starting on Sundays
  • I will weigh in on Saturdays
  • If I LOSE weight I will not track on Saturday

So why will I not track on Saturday you ask? Well I have found from previous experience that I don’t do well tracking ALL the time. I find that I get sick of it. I will of course eat well and try the best, but I will allow some treats on Saturdays. So this week I will be focusing on that and then next week I will look at an exercise plan.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Deans whirlwind birthday weekend

My Husband is a quarter century old! (I’m not far behind him though).

After a long day of Dean working, and me shopping with my mom we headed to Lynn and Jason's to start the celebrations. We had a great BBQ of hamburgers, sausages, corn on the cob and potatoes. Me and Dean were drinking Sutter Home, our favourite white zinfandel. We chilled out, and had some birthday cake.


Unfortunately it was in my car a little long and it was +38 degrees Saturday so it melted a little bit. It still tasted good though. Dean definitely wanted a good cake and I hope he enjoyed it even though it melted. At least he didn’t ask for Ice-cream Cake!

We watched and movie and went to bed. In the morning it was Sunny! Just as we had hoped. Lynn made a great breakfast of scrambled eggs, home fries and French bread. After we digested and it got hotter we headed to the beach. The great thing about living on the Eastern Shore is the beaches and it’s even better when you know a few non-provincial ones. This beach has a lake on one side and then over a dune there is the ocean. It was high tide so no ocean fun was to be had. But we did step into this lovely lake.


The water was pretty warm and we got a nice refreshing swim in. We went home in time for a light lunch and Dean opened his gifts. Then we got ready for a nice dinner out. Soon enough it was time for pictures and piling into the car.


  SAM_0628  Don’t we all look good dressed up. Its rare we dress up and go somewhere. It was lovely!SAM_0622

  We were originally going to go to Il Mercato, but it was closed. So we scoured the city and finally deciding on Upstairs at Salty’s. The food was wonderful and they also had my favourite dessert ever; Blueberry Grunt!

Over all it was a wonderful weekend and today I was back to work.

My plans for this week include trying to figure out what I am going to do with food/exercise and I hope that will help me find some motivation. Other plans include going to the beach in the evening if it’s nice and relaxing and spending time with my wonderful Husband! Hope you had a good Birthday Hun!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Look At What I did!

So yea all that crap about being positive, I am taking a day off. Today the scale showed me a number I NEVER wanted to see again. But if I am going to be honest with myself I will add that part of me wanted to see if just eating would make me gain weight, or if I would maintain. Well I figured it out. I gain weight, which means for the REST of my life I will have to monitor what I eat. So to be honest I haven't decided what to do about it all yet other than CHANGE! I completely had a breakdown last night while I was trying to find something to wear to Dean’s birthday dinner. I have said to myself all week “I feel bloated” well no it’s just plain fat!

What do I want?

  • To lose 20 lbs ASAP (yes I know it doesn't all come off fast)
  • To be able to enjoy and crave exercise or activity.

That is all, it seems so fricking simple and yet I cannot make it happen. I know what and how and why and all that stuff but can’t seem to just do it. Gah I should scream.

Ok I am going to stop ranting now and try to figure stuff out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Day For The Beach

Well good evening, in an effort to be healthy I am trying to stay up a bit later and enjoy my time at home instead of pretty much coming home getting ready for the next day and going to bed.

Today was over all a good day. I did however have to fill out WCB papers. Yes I may have hurt my back. It feels ok right now but it didn’t earlier and just in case I wake up and can’t move tomorrow I filled them out. Hopefully nothing comes of it. I also had my education course today which focused on the last part of “Interpersonal Communication.” It was very educational and apparently I am not horrible at speaking in front of groups.

It’s the first day it’s been sunny and not foggy down here on the Eastern Shore and I really wanted to go to the beach, but getting home late and eating supper even later I didn’t think it would happen. But…


  Yep I made it there! It was sunny and beautiful and I enjoyed every minuet of it. We even had Ice-cream on the way down. I had moon mist and it’s been a long time! We went to Martinique Beach. There were surfers there and lots of people walking the beach. Here’s a fact; its the longest beach in NS and is 5Km long. We didn’t walk that far that is for sure, but it was a nice stroll with good conversation and the water my feet went in wasn’t too cold (once they got numb).

It is definitely time for me to hit the sack though, I will probably read a little and tomorrow is Friday! Which will kick off my Hubby’s Birthday Weekend!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taking care of Massage

Well no post yesterday. Why? Cuz there was an elephant in my head. I stayed home from work because I had a huge migraine and really just couldn’t handle work with that. So my day was spent pretty quietly. And because I didn’t do much when it came bed time I didn’t sleep well. Oh well that is that.

Today at work I had a pretty good day, I got some positive feed back and felt good about the day. Then I did something I have never done before… I got a Massage! The massage itself was pretty good, I couldn’t say I was relaxed but it felt good. She did warn me I will be sore tomorrow because apparently I was very tense (well if I am really stressed that makes sense). The experience over all was a good one and I will be going back very soon. I also found out that I apparently have a subluxated rib. Which pretty much means it’s out of place. Now I don’t have pain with this which is good, and I also hear it’s pretty common in women. So it also means I may have a chiropractor in my future.

How do you feel about a chiropractor?

I have heard many things, good and bad and am a little afraid to go see one.

So that was my day, I have a long day tomorrow and am looking forward to the weekend, it’s Hubby’s birthday and we are celebrating!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Its a manic Monday…

Ok so my excitement over the weekend included a self pedicure


Eew my feet are gross with out nail polish!

Followed by some baking. I attempted a Hungry Girl Recipe yesterday.

SAM_0570      SAM_0574

It was super simple. 3 ingredients (pumpkin, brownie mix, and peanut butter). It didn’t turn out wonderful but it’s alright, I definitely expected better. So I will stick to my yum yum brownie muffins.

So that was yesterday. Today a different story. It was work, which was super busy and crazy and made me really want to look at why I do this job. But we are staying to the positive so here it is.

  • The Makay bridge was closed but I wasn’t late even though I had to detour.
  • I was busy and didn’t spend the day eating away like I sometimes do.
  • I got home to a wonderful husband who made me amazing food, as always.
  • I am now home in my comfy’s and have no real plans.

The only thing I am lacking is exercise, but it’s foggy here already and after the mind boggling day I had today I think it’s ok.

Well on to a new day tomorrow!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I’m back, and better than ever!

Ok so I have a new layout and a new theme. Positivity! From now on no more negative thoughts allowed on this blog. I will dedicate my time on the blog to finding the positive things in life, even if it’s as simple as I am still alive! But hopefully there will be more than that!

Just a quick update since I’ve been away almost a month. Nothing has really changed, except my attitude. I was very hung up on living in my mothers basement, the fact that we really can’t afford to get out, and just the general differences in lifestyle that me and my mother lead. Well I had a minor breakdown one night (ok maybe major) and the next morning I just decided it wasn’t worth stressing over or hiding over. So I am trying to be active in the day to day goings on and trying to be productive.

So there you go, next up is what I want to focus on to make me happier.

  • Activity – I need to be more active, it’s just not enough to sit here every evening and lounge around.
  • Food – I haven’t yet decided how “dedicated” I want to be to the “healthy eating” thing. I already eat well, I just indulge more than I maybe should. But the truth is I love my food! I am still working through this one.
  • Me – I am important, I lead a floor of 19 staff and 33 residents, I need to look good and feel good. I have my first massage booked for next week and I have decided that I will try to keep up my appearance.
  • Money – The light is at the end of the tunnel and we can see a glimmer. We got some news that we may be able to get a mortgage earlier than we had hoped, so for now it’s stick to the budget and save, save, save!
  • Relationships – I have some good and some bad. I feel my husband and I have a really good relationship. It is key for me to keep it up and work on it even if it doesn't need it. However I also have some strained relationships and I need to learn to either speak up and let it out or accept people for who they are. This is definitely a work in progress.

So there you go, a bit of everything. My main thing is to stick with the positive so if you ever see negative talk that I don’t acknowledge let me know!