Monday, November 30, 2009

Nov. 30th already??

Can you believe it’s November 30th already! I can Start talking about and being excited for Christmas tomorrow!

So today was a pretty good day. There was only one hiccup. The 9 (yes I said nine) point chocolate bar, that was only about 2.5 inches long! It was left over from a basket the staff at work received over the weekend and I thought “oh well this might be 4 or 5 points and I won’t have a snack tonight I’ll be fine.” Well no, once I did the calculations it was 9 freaking points… so there went some flex.

But today was right on track, work went fairly well and I drank some tea for a change at work, so didn’t get quite as much water in. Supper was chicken baked potatoes and turnip and was very yummy.

I did my toes tonight a sexy red;


And am just relaxing waiting for Dean to pick something to watch!!

I was intrigued to get this comment from Nicole; Where did you walk? I know that Lynn lives out by me...if you wouldn't mind a third if you walk on Sunday afternoons...I'd like to join you...I like in Lake Echo

Well Nicole we went walking on the trail in Musquodoboit Harbour, and while it isn’t a Sunday tradition right now, maybe once the weather is nice again we can make it one. I know Lynn is excited about hiking some of the side trails in the spring.

Well tomorrow is December 1st, and we plan on heading to the gym and I hope to at least 40 minuets of activity!

I’ll leave you with my kitty;



(isn’t he cute!)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday showdown!!

Ok so it is Sunday evening and I have won!!

What have I won, well the battle with my emotions, the battle in the kitchen, and the battle with activity.

So what to talk about first;

Well lets start with food. I sadly did not get any pictures of my success but I will try again soon! So breakfast was an egg and egg white scrambled in a WW wrap with spinach and cheese. And it was very tasty and hit the spot! I had a blueberry muffin for a snack and then moved on to lunch. Lunch was another WW wrap with banana and peanut butter – I also stole some of my hunny’s perogies that he was having.

Now onto supper the best part of the day. I slow-cooked a roast, potatoes and carrots, and they turned out amazing!! I am not usually one to cook, Dean does the cooking I sit and relax. lol But let me tell ya, the slow-cooker is the way to go for relaxing. I had already cut up the potatoes and carrots last night so this Moring all I had to do was dump them in put the roast in and some spices – it was wonderful! It was almost like pulled pork. I also steamed some broccoli with it for some added veg.

So activity today was suppose to be a walk on the trail or a quick walk around my loop. Well this morning it was cold – not raining but cold. And I was so cold that I just couldn’t imagine walking on the trail. So I had it in my head that I was gonna do a quick walk around at some point. Well thanks to Lynn I got my butt to the trail and we walked for 80 minuets! It was chilly but ok out.

As for my emotions/stress I was all crapped out after lunch (did it have to do with the perogies??) And we were getting ready to go for our walk and I was all grumpy and didn’t wanna go! Even after we got back home I was still cranky. I think part of it has to do with Dean getting the Christmas stuff out and me still not feeling it in the slightest! So I decided to  have a shower, relax and chill out for a bit. And it worked. I had a nice long hot shower, got out and lathered up with some cream and put my hair in braids. And I felt alot better!

So this evening we will catch up on The Biggest Loser, we are 2 episodes behind, I think I will light a candle and cuddle up and try not to think that tomorrow is Monday and back to work!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The results; The Plan;

So here is the damage; there is no damage!! I was down 3.6 lbs!!! Holy freaking wow!!

I was so excited!! And so much more motivated.

My day was spent out. We hit up the gym where I did 50 minuets of activity. We ran a few errands. Ate lunch out and are now home relaxing.

Now for the plan;

This is the food plan, With some changes possibly but for now this is what it looks like










Banana, wrap and peanut butter

Egg (2), cheese (2), spinach, mushrooms

Fibre 1 Cereal, fruit

¼ muffin, fruit

Fibre 1 cereal, fruit

½ muffin

Fibre 1 cereal, fruit


Tim Horton's soup and roll

Soup, ? sandwich

Wrap with chicken spinach etc., bar, yogurt, fruit

WW Smart ones, yogurt, bar, fruit

Left over’s, Yogurt, bar, fruit

WW Smart ones, yogurt, bar, fruit

Leftovers, yogurt, bar, fruit


Pasta and veggies with somosas

Slow cooker roast beef potatoes, carrots, broccoli

Chicken, rice, vegetable

Leftovers (stew or roast beef)


Chicken, potatoes, vegetable

Salmon, rice, vegetable


Fruit, sherbet

Fruit, nachos

Fruit, hot chocolate

Fruit, nachos

Fruit, sherbet

Fruit, sherbet

Fruit, ???


And here is my plan for activity;

  • Saturday – Gym – 50 minuets of cardio
  • Sunday – Walk if it’s nice (go to the trail and walk 40 minutes or more) If it’s not nice I will walk my “loop” which is about 20 minutes or 1point, and that is even in the rain.
  • Monday – Rest, Dean gets off late on Mondays and we can’t fit the gym in, So I will relax, spend some time focusing on me. I may read or paint my toenails.
  • Tuesday – Gym – 25 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the cross-trainer, and if I am up for it some weights.
  • Wednesday – Another late day for Dean, so more relaxing for me. Might watch a movie or just read.
  • Thursday – Gym, 25 minutes on the treadmill and then the circuit training twice through, and maybe some more cardio if I am feeling it.
  • Friday – We get groceries on this day and I will relax once home, Drink lots of water and keep my sodium intake low.

The De-stress plan;

  • Read for 20 – 30 minuets at night.
  • After my shower, use my nice cream on my skin, wash my face and brush my hair (maybe even blow-dry it)
  • Do not check my work Email at home, it can wait
  • I will allow myself to vent on the drive home, that is it.
  • Light a candle in the evening to help relax

Friday, November 27, 2009

And the bomb dropped!

Ok well my week with the magic journal bombed big time. I am in the negative in a big way. However that being said I am in a place now after some tears and binging that I think I can tackle this.

This last week has been full of stress and due to that has led to my eating being all over the map. I have been mad, sad, and down right pissed off. Now I am content. Tomorrow I am going in there and hitting the big fat RESTART button.

Over all I think this week has been enlightening, although I have eaten tones of bad stuff I still managed to get my fruits and veggies in everyday. I did get to the gym a few days and walked a little. No not near as much as I like but I’ll survive.

I took a mental health day from work today and will relax and I have promised myself that even if I gain this week, I will not walk out and I will continue going to ww meetings.

Well I am off to plan meals now, pack for the night and relax a bit. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not rockin this week

Ok so I am sad to say that so far this week has not been very good. Here is a quick recap;

Monday – 20 minutes on the treadmill walking and supper out to a new restaurant

Today – Pizza for lunch and not making it to the gym due to nausea and stress.

Work has been very stressful for the past few days and I only see more stress for the remainder of the week.

Home life has also been very stressful and we are looking at our living arrangement very closely again.

I only have 3 flex points left for the rest of the week, and have only earned 2 AP’s so far.

Ok enough complaining. Here is what I am hoping for the next 3 days -

all my healthy guidelines in

hit up the gym Thursday for 40 + minuets of activity

if it’s not raining tomorrow I will walk around my work block until Dean is ready to pick me up.

Stop stressing about work at home

Devise a plan of action for home life and routine!

Here is to a better day tomorrow!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

OK so it has been a busy weekend for me, but I was happy with most of it.

So the first thing is the weigh in. Well I stayed the same, which sort of bummed me out because I thought for sure I would be down at least a little. I think it may have been due to me not really getting enough fruits and veggies in so that is my goal for this week.

During the meeting we talked about the holidays and being in control. And then it was time to give the “magic journal” out. I accepted it because I really think it will help me with getting my healthy stuff in this week.

So what is the magic journal you ask?? Well it is a journal that gets passed around from person to person each week to help with accountability. Looking though it everyone has lost while they  had it. So it’s my turn and I am excited about it.


After our meeting we headed to a pancake breakfast to support  Bust-a-move. And headed to Angie’s for a Pampered chef party. I’ll tell ya there was a good healthy spread. (I may have indulged a little on the cheese and pepperoni)

So I started my Christmas shopping there getting Dean a gift and also a pizza stone for us. Then it was on to the Halifax Parade of Lights.


And then it was off to New Moon! Which I must say was very good – much better than the first one.

Today it was off to the Christmas Farmers Market and a walk on the trail. Then to Costco to renew my membership and have a look around. I can also say I got a little Christmas shopping done there too!

Now my lunch is made and my clothes are ready and I am relaxing for the evening!

Hope everyone has a good week!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday of week 2

So week two is over and WI is tomorrow!

I am definitely feeling better this week then I did last week. I haven't stepped on the scale once. I have been to the gym 3 times, and I have eaten within my points.

I didn’t eat as many fruits and veggies as I would have liked and I will have to work on that. Also I need to work on making better lunches because I get board of things and then end up buying lunch from work which is never as healthy as bringing it myself.

What do you pack for lunch??

However on that note of me feeling good and everything. I have a total bummer moment from today. I have a pair of PJ pants that I have had for probably 5 years maybe more. They have snowmen on them and are a size large… a very big size large. Anyway Dean was making fun of how old they were and how they are getting very thin. And I made a comment something like “yea but look how big I could be in them” and my mother said something like “ Don’t get any bigger you already fill them up enough” No honestly I just walked away. But I couldn’t believe she would say that. She is the one paying for my WW she knows I am working hard at this and honestly I am PO’d.

I will not be wearing the PJ’s again.

Anyway the weekend is looking exciting, I have WW tomorrow then the gym, and the Halifax Parade of lights is in the evening along with the new Twilight movie!!

Should be action packed!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crazy Days!

Well since Sunday I haven't really stopped to think about anything!!

Yesterday was back to work, and surprisingly I woke up on time and didn't feel like 4:45 in the morning was evil. I got to work and again was surprised as there wasn’t a zillion notes and reports for me to see over the past 5 days I was off! I had a fairly busy day but did manage to stay with in my points having 10 left for supper.

Then I got home… Well I had baked cookies Sunday and I thought oh I have the points I will have one, which ended up turning into 3. Which still wasn’t horrible because I have WAP’s left and just looked at it as a treat.

Dean got supper ready and I was so excited we were going to have baked pork chops and roasted potatoes!! And they looked amazing!! Then Dean called me to the kitchen to find out the oven is broken… yup doesn't heat up at all. So supper went into the fridge and we had to order Chinese as it was 6 already! So was was going to turn out to be 3 – 4 WAPS spent ended up being 11!!! gah I am over it now!

So today was crazy busy at work, and it didn’t help that 4:45 was evil this morning. I woke up feeling groggy sick to my stomach and just plain tired. So I was busy and I bought a Danish… Which was ok. Then a family member of one of my residents brought in a bunch of baked goods! well there was peanut butter balls! and shortbread! Now I only had one of each which wasn’t so bad since lunch was salad and chicken.

After work we went to the gym!! And I am proud to say I ran for 8.5 minutes on the treadmill!! That is so good for me! Supper was done on the BBQ and turned out wonderful! Lunch is made and supper is done and I am ready for bed!! or at least to relax and do nothing!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 1 down and done

Evening everyone, I know people are just dying to know what I lost!

Well I can honestly say I wasn’t excepting a huge lost, I thought maybe a pound. But when I stepped on the scale I was down 2lbs!!! I was in total shock!

Need less to day I was pretty excited. So our meeting went by and then we headed to the gym and met up with Dean and Lynn’s hunny.

I am proud to say I got in 40 minutes of cardio! That is amazing for me. After the gym we went for some Starbucks and then to Cora’s for lunch! Then is was home to relax with some wine.

Today is my last day of vacation and I spent it cleaning and I baked some cookies for Dean this week. We emptied some bottles out of the garage and from there we will be heading into supper!

I am excited for supper tonight as it is total comfort food for me. Chicken with pasta sauce and cheese, some mashed potatoes and some type of veggie, not sure what yet. But to me nothing says comfort like mashed potatoes.

This week will be a normal week hopefully. We are going to start eating supper later and I hope that will help my with my evening snacking. But other than that no exciting things planned!!!

On to week 2!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


WI is in about 2 hours!!!!! Wish me Luck!!!

In all honestly I snuck on the scale once mid week, and was down, but I am not holding any excpectations!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Alright, I am feeling pretty good today.

First off I am going to start off with a few questions that came up for me.

1) When the serving on a box of pasta doesn't say if it’s cooked or uncooked what do you do. My pasta said 1 Cup or 85g for a serving, but I don’t know if that is cooked or uncooked!

2) At the movie theatre how many cups is a small popcorn, or medium or large for that case?

Ok so on to my day. There was no real sleeping in today for me, I was up around 7. I had breakfast around 9 though and it was some good. I had oatmeal and yogurt and grapes.

We chilled out most of the morning, I have been reading and cross-stitching alot since vacation which makes me happy because I don’t often have alot of time for that.

After lunch (leftover chicken and squash for me) we headed into the city to run some errands. We signed Dean back up to Nobody's and I was not impressed with the girl I got. She was helpful with getting it done, but I found she was pushing more on me, like personal trainers and such. And unbelievable for 12 sessions of couples training it is 800 dollars!! I mean come on who has that kind of money just laying around. I am sure there are other packages but that is what she offered us.

After running around we went to see Saw VI. We are fans of the series and this one did impress. The gore was right on and the twists and turns. Definitely a movie you can talk about afterwards.

We got home late and decided on a simple (yet kind of high pt) supper of chicken strips and homemade fries.

Now we are settling in to watch some more movies and relax for the rest of the evening.

I love vacation!!

The Andromeda Strain

By Michael Crichton

andromdea strian


So in an attempt to be a little different I have decided to write book reviews on the books I read. So here is my first one any feedback would be lovely.

The Andromeda Strain takes place in the 1960’s in America. There are 3 – 4 main characters. That makeup “Wildfire” a secret team of the government who is called when there are “alien” bugs (bacteria, virus ect.). Most of the story concentrates on Dr. Mark Hall a single man who was introduced to the team specifically because he was single. The other men are Dr. Stone, the leader and a few others who aren’t really significant.

When a US Space rover lands in a small community called Piedmont the local smartass decides to open it. This leads to the whole community dying except for an old man and small baby. The wildfire team is brought in to investigate and take the survivors and the craft to their underground installation. There they attempt to isolate the bug and find a way to kill it. During their endeavours contamination occurs and the single man is responsible to terminate automatic self destruct.

This book wasn’t very good. The character development was poor and there was not enough excitement. Now the book is only short max 300 pages but I am so used to bigger more in-depth books that I found this slow to pick up and to short once it actually got interesting. For me the only good part was the ending that was the only excitement. There were no twists or turns. It turned out to be very liner in direction.

That being said it did give a lot of factual information, and where the book was written so long ago I found myself wondering if it was real and had to look it up. So if you were a space nerd you may find this a very good read.

My reaction to this book was that it could be real you just never know what could happen to us.

Overall 3/10

On to The lost symbol by Dan Brown!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

101st post!!!

Evening bloggies, hope every one had a nice Remembrance Day!


I spent a pretty relaxed day at home. I cleaned up a bit and organized some stuff but mostly just chilled.

And this is my 101st post!!! Seems like alot, but I know some people out there have alot more!! So to start things off I think I will look at where I was 100 post’s ago. Here was my goal; So my goal is to lose 30 - 35 lbs. And I haven't done any of it. I lost a total of 10lbs only to gain it and a little extra back… Well that’s ok though. I can say that I have completed a 5K, and that I have learned alot about why I eat and what I can do to change it.

That being said I still don’t feel fantastic. I feel in control but not wonderful, I still am not sure about some of this but I am just hoping for a good number on that scale. I think as long as I lose I will be sure I am doing the right thing.

I can definitely say I have eaten more fruit and vegetables this past week then I have in a while. So I haven't been posting all my eats but I think I will start next week, I just wanted to take this week to get back into tracking.

My Points have been averaging about 30 per day, which I think is a tad high, but I still have flex left and I can be honest and say I haven't gotten any amount of activity points really. I hope to up that next week since I am getting hubby back on my gym membership.

Well off to relax some more before supper. Hope everyone had a great day!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quick check in

Hello blog land! – I know I’ve been out for a bit, I have been focusing on me though.

So Sunday supper was wonderful, yesterday was an on point day and then today I sort of fell apart.

I was starving on my morning break so ate the bigger part of my lunch. Then when lunch came around I went and bought a chicken wrap, which i didn’t need. And to top it all off I had some ketchup chips!!!

Ok skip past the beating myself up. I am still on points, still haven't used half my flex points and I can only hope that these next few days will be successful!!

I’ll be in tomorrow for a longer chat!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

And so the Momentum has begun;


So yesterday was the start of the rest of this weight coming off. And what a great start it was. The scale showed me 185.4. It was about 2.5 lbs off of my home scale. So that means… no weighing in until I am there for the meeting!

I registered and weighed in and got my information package;


I had already read most of it at Lynn’s last weekend it is exciting to have my own!!

The meeting was very packed. I would say 60 + people. Which for me I find it hard to participate when there are that many people, but I listened. Our leader; Terry had asked Lynn and Angie to share the success they had with WW Online and how they stay motivated. They both did a great job.

After that we headed over to Nobody's (I am ashamed to admit I haven't used my membership in a while) and got in a good workout. Then I was off to visit my aunt (also my maid of honour);

IMG_0919 - Copy

There we gabbed and I got some goodies from her!


She used to be on WW and I was able to get some of her books, they aren’t the newest but they will do!

I may have indulged on some wine last night, but enjoyed every minuet of it. Supper was an awesome pork loin roast and I tracked every bite that went into my mouth!! 

This morning we headed home and I have caught up on all reading. Now to plan a healthy lunch and wait patently for Deans steak and squash and couscous for supper!!

Sounds yummy!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The good The bad and The Headache

Well I will start with The Headache, which is now mostly gone, but I had all day. It is very hard to work in a loud environment when you have a pounding headache. But all in all my day was a good day!

On to the good; 2 more Sleeps till my first WW meeting!!! I am getting very excited for this. I have been thinking on how to divy up my POINTS and thinking of what else to eat other than salads.

How do other split up their POINTS through their day??

The other good is that tomorrow is Friday and I can’t wait for this work week to be done!

On to the bad; which isn’t so bad But What I am about to show you can be scary! Here is a time line of me and my weight loss/gain journey to date.

This is me in grade 10, 2001. I was maybe 130 pounds and about a size 8.

  1 - 2001

This is me my 2nd year of University – 2005 – I am probably in the 170’s and this is when I starts WW online.

 3 - 2004 2 - 2004

This is me my last year of university – 2007 – This is when I felt the best I was in the 160’s. Unfortunately I didn’t lose the weight because of WW I lost if because of a heartbreak.

4 - 2006 5 - 2006

These are of my last few months before I graduated – I felt good in my body but the weight was creaping back on, I would say the 170’s

6 - 2007  7 - 2007 9 - 2007

These are when I met Dean and after graduation – In the 180’s and I started thinking about losing wt again – I started feeling uncomfortable and wanting to look better and more professional.


14 - 2008 11 - 200715 - 2008 

A few highligts over the past years weight loss journey. My first 5K – which I didn’t run all of but I wasn’t last place. My wedding which was the prefect day and I wouldn’t change any of it. And my Honeymoon weekend.

17 - 2009 20 - 2009 21 - 2009

And Last is Me Today Weighing in at 185 lbs – I only home my scale is close to the one at the Meeting on Saturday or I could be in for a big surprise:

23 - 2009 24 - 2009

Well that is it. Now everyone knows my journey – which so far has really only been going up in pounds not down. I hope to have pictures at 1 month, 2 months and 10 weeks since I plan to stay in WW for at least that long; and Lose hopefully 15 lbs!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not feeling it

Evening everyone, I am really not feeling like blogging to night so it will be short and sweet.

I didn’t do too bad on my eats today, and I feel good about that.

I had my shots today (both H1N1 and Seasonal Influenza) and I feel like that may be why I am just not in a great mood. My arms both hurt and I am very sleepy.

Last night we went to bed at 730, which is pretty pathetic…

The only thing I am excited about is WW in 3 sleeps! I am just hoping I can do it this time around and reach goal. I have been looking into it and I don’t think anything under 150 is reasonable as a goal for me, so I may need to go to the Dr. to get a note.

But my lunch is made, and I am ready for the next day, hopefully my arms won’t be too sore.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SOOOOOO Excited!!

Gah I am so excited! I am now able to join WW meetings! I was bummed out about it and asked Mom if she would pay for a birthday gift (which isn’t until December) and she said she would!!I am super excited and pumped for this. It seems like alot of peeps in blog land are re-committing to WW and I can only hope that this will be a good thing!

On to today, it was a busy day and I had originally thought that I was going to have a healthy salad for lunch but for some reason I thought French fries would be a nice treat!! Well I have now learned that fast food is bad food. After eating my fries and gravy I felt like crap, I got irritable and cranky. And I just know it is from the French fries. So I vow now to not eat junk, because I know that I will feel like crap afterwards.

Supper was amazing though; Squash and apple, curry maple soup. Yum Yum!


Dean did a good job today!!

So now I am spending the evening, not feeling well with a headache, and we will be in bed early I am sure. With my kitty cat!


WW in 4 sleeps!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Moves

Well today just flew right by, it’s not almost 8 and I am relaxed and ready to start again!!

On the meal plan for today was; Cereal, Salad (with pom), Chicken, Mashed potato, String Beans

Breakfast was Cereal and I even added some grapes in there for extra power!

Lunch was a Salad with spinach, cucumber, tomato and mushroom with Pomegranates on it. I also had left over pot pie from last night! The salad which I was excited about turned out to be just ok.

Supper was very tasty tonight. Dean baked chicken breasts with orange and Thyme, turned out very tasty! He also made mashed potatoes with egg instead of milk, and while i’m not sure if it was healthier it was tasty.

So there you have it, I also had some yogurt and Clementine's today, and a piece of cheesecake from leftover Pinch of Love goodies.

Other than that I am still on the fence about alot and thinking alot. I have decided to give this week a try with the meal plan, and maybe start tracking again next week, we will see!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Good evening bloggers, hope everyone had a safe fun Halloween. I did. We went over to watch scary movies and we did just that, well Blair witch project wasn’t that scary, but Strangers was, even for the second time.

My meal plan has been followed. Yesterday for breakfast I had a English muffin with egg and some spinach and cheese, was pretty tasty. Then for lunch I has some cookies and a spoon of peanut butter, ok not the best but tasted good! Supper was spaghetti and was very tasty even though there were onions and red peppers, which I am not fond of.

Today was a day spent relaxing mostly, and thinking. Breakfast was eggs and toast, lunch was Kraft dinner, and I kept thinking how I used to eat a whole box! Can’t even eat a whole little pre-portioned one now! Dean made a tasty Turkey pot pie, which i was going to get a picture of but totally forgot! And now I am all showered and my lunch is made for tomorrow!

Now for the nitty gritty part for me. We have been faced with some choices lately and I am so not sure what to do. First we have been given an option of moving to a “better” location, and I say better for several reasons, but for me moving is a whole up-roar of stress and anxiety because I hate changing routine and hate the unknown. Which is what it all ends up being in the end.

The other choice is that I have been invited to go to Weight Watchers meetings with friends. I did weight watchers online for a bit with success, but now I am back up to the same weight I was at. The problem for me isn’t that I don’t want to go, because I would totally give it a try, but the issue is it’s soooo damn expensive. I had hinted to my mother about wanting to go and maybe it would be a good early birthday gift, but she don't want to hear it, she doesn't seen me succeeding or anything like that.

So if I am not going to go to WW then my other thought is should I track my calories on Sparkpeople. But then my fear is that I hated tracking my calories. I always got anxiety and stress when I was tracking my supper as I was always stressed out that I wasn’t able to have a evening snack.

Gah I don’t know, if anyone has any ideas it would be a great help, for now I am just going to follow my meal plan and see what happens for now.