Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow on Saturday

Ok so I didn't post yesterday. So I will update everyone on my lazy day!

Yesterday Dean worked at 6 so I was up and drove him to work. Then went back to sleep until about 830 when I woke up from the weirdest dream/nightmare. Needless to say it didn't make alot of sense. I would look it up in my Dream Dictionary but I don't think it would help. So I was suppose to clean the floors and the Dining room yesterday but I was so sore from the 30 day shred we did on Thursday that I didn't have it in me. So I tidyed up a bit and then read my book, Eclipse, which was amazing, I finished it and Loved it!. Dean was off at 3 so I went and picked him up. We were going to do the shred again, but didn't have it in us, and I was in a really down mood. Which seems to happen the days I am off and alone. So I had a shower and then we made supper. Fish cakes and Fries, with some aspargus and califower. We then settled in and had a few (3) drinks and watched most of smackdown before we were ready for bed.

Today we slept in till 9! I got up and just relaxed some more while Dean had his shower. Then we had breakfast, I got so mad that he makes a better healthier breakfast then I do every time. It is just that I am so used to eating one simple thing, that I dont' think to add fruit or berries or such. So after that we did the shred today, It was brutal. But we made it through and were sweating like pigs when we were done. We were suppose to clean today, and we had alot left, but I just didn't feel like it, and neither did Dean so we just realxed, chilled with the Xbox. For lunch we had Knorr Yellow soup, which wasn't too bad, I did like the orange one better though. Then it was off to drive dean to work.

So now i am alone for the rest of the eveing and might sit and watch some movies, or maybe some tv. Not sure yet.

Have a good Weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

"sick" thursday

Ok so this morning was icy, really icy, and I didn't feel like going to work, So I stayed home.

We cleaned and relaxed, then I decided to look up 30 Shred and we found it so we went to chapters and bought it. We got home and I had salad with tuna for lunch and then we went and did the 30 Day Shred, which kicked my ass!!!! I was full of sweat, I was shaking from every were, but I felt awesome when I was done. We relaxed a bit more, not really doing anything too much and then made Tomato soup from scratch. It was suppose to be for supper but I could tell by looking that it wasn't going to be enough, and I still had mega points left. So we went to McDonald's, which is full of salt but was well worth it. We were gonna go out to a restaurant for supper but when I was figuring out the point value for the places we wanted to go all the meals I thought were healthy were like 29 pts, totally disgusting, so I learned that it's better to go to Fast food.

Tonight Hell's Kitchen premiers and I think we will just relax and watch some TV.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

not enough sleep,

So yesterday I ate too much, I was already over my points when I got back from mom's but I ate frozen yogurt and some Dark Chocolate... What was I thinking! Oh well it's logged and now I am moving on.

So I didn't really get to sleep until 1:00 Last night since i had to pick up dean from work, so I went to work this morning on 4 and a bit hours of sleep. Being sleepy and still not digging work all that much made the day difficult. And it's not just me, the whole floor is like that, we are tired, burnt out and ready to leave! So I did have a good day food wise though and am full. Only problem is we don't have anything for supper so it's could be going out, or take out. Well that's about it, gonna have a nap before I go get Dean.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finally a loss to be happy with

Ok so havn't wrote since saturday, which went well and sunday I worked but it wasn't sooo bad, then dean Made a really good soup which i have leftovers for tommrow's lunch. And Sunday we didn't really do a hole lot, watched some TV then went to bed. Monday I was down 3 lbs!!! I was so happy. I've finally made it to the 170's! So yesterday I tidy'd and then picked dean up at 230, we exersized I was dying I found it so hard! So anyway we did that and I tried to bread fish for supper which turned out ok. Then we had a few drinks to celebrate.

Today we just relaxed and went to lunch at Smitty's and I had to go visit my Papa at the hospital, he's looking better! I went to mom's for supper and now am back home relaxing, tommrow it's back to work, and hopefully the gym

Keep active!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

what's happened to me?1

Well I've been a bit away lately. Last you heard from me I was making chicken in the crock pot on Thursday, it is now Saturday.

Well the crock pot chicken turned out lovely, and made even better leftovers Friday. But Thursday we didn't do too much else, a little bit of exercise and we watched some movies.

Yesterday I had work, ugh, anyway Dean was off at 3 as well and we had to go grocery shopping. Which wasn't too bad, we made out list and stuck to it for the most part. We were 6 dollars over our budget but we got lots of healthy new food, including stuff for some soup recipes I want to try. Then we went out to Boston Pizza where I didn't do too bad, the appetizer is what did it. But I know for next time. Once we were back home Dean made me my lunch for today while i got my stuff ready then we sat down to watch SmackDown, but didn't make it far into it because I fell asleep and Dean was pretty tired too.

Today has been icky, I don't know what it is about work but I can't seem to stand it, and I got bad news about my grandfather so it was a mixed up day. So I got home and had a shower and will laze around until bed time. Then it's back to work again tomorrow...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

for yesterday...

so yesterday i didn't get a chance to blog, completely not in the mood/stressed and was talking with dean most of the evening. So Yesterday we got up and had some breakfast, i had a English muffin with PB and an apple. Then we cleaned up a bit but i was in a completely rotten mood. So instead of finishing cleaning, and doing the laundry dean got me to go out and we went to the mall and has some yummy lunch from Tim Horton's, which wasn't that bad for points (7). Then we headed back home and i was in a better mood, we didn't really do anything cleaning wise, and around 3 we headed out to mom's for supper. After some yummy turkey breast and roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, we came back home and i was in a completely fowl mood. I wanted to go out and do something but didn't know what and didn't really want to. I was just cranky, so me and Dean had a big talk about what's wrong with me and all that stuff and while i don't really know how useful it was i do feel better today.

So this morning I will be finishing up the cleaning and using my crock pot for supper and maybe going to the gym. I should go but i don't know if i am up for it, i am still very sleepy and kinda stiff. We shall see!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A mixed up day.

So today i stayed home from work, I have been in a funk and i think i am finally getting out of it. So last night which we were gonna have a few drinks ended up being 2 and we went to bed by 10. So this morning we were up around 830, we lazed around and had some breakfast, i had some cereal with milk and a kiwi. Then we started cleaning around 10. I cleaned the living room and hunny cleaned the kitchen. Then for lunch we had grilled cheese and tomato soup, and it filled my belly. Then out for a few errands, we bought a blender and some had weights for when we work out at home. And to future shop to pick up a few movies. Then back home where i had a cat nap and felt icky. Dean had to work at 330 and i was gonna go to the gym, so we got ready and i drove him to work. At the gym i started my run but after 15/30 mins i was not into it at all, my legs hurt and i was way to tired. So i came home and ate a little too much dark chocolate, and felt like eating everything, so i wrote on the ww board and looked around the net a bit, and got alot of advice from the ladies on the board. and then cooked some pasta and a salad. Now I am full and still have a few points left for a small snack later, tomorrow Dean is off with me so we are going to clean a bit and then go to mom's for supper, so i will save some points for that because she usually makes high pt suppers. Hope everyone is having a good day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

a very bad day at work

OK so today was a day, not a good one, So we had a nice slush storm and Dean had to do inventory this morning, so at 430 we headed out, me in my work gear cuz the roads were a mess. And once at Wendy's i stayed there until 6 when I went to work. And i was alone, which really was not fun, and we were short staffed and i was just miserable. so i picked dean up and we exercised and had a yummy supper of pork chops and couscous, which i had never dried before. then i had a shower and we are now sitting having a few drinks, which i probably shouldn't be having but they are helping me relax, and i may not go to work tomorrow. so that is me. and my weight in was the same as last week, oh yay...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I said yes to the dress!

OK so I have allot to say and some time so here we go:

Yesterday was awesome, and i found my wedding dress and it is ordered and paid for (thanks mom). So once the drama ended me mom and dean met Heather at the HSC where she was completing a scavenger hunt in the attempt to win Elton John, Billy Joel tickets. She didn't win :(

So then i drove dean to work and Heather me and mom headed to Winchesters bridal in Halifax. Once there we looked around and put my name on the waiting list, then waited, and waited, and waited. Finally about 15 mins before the store was suppose to close they took me and i tried on dresses. And the lady that was helping me was the one i thought wouldn't be helpful, and she was extremely. Now i can't give any details about my dress (hunny reads my blogs), but i can say i love it and it is nothing like what we thought would look good on me. So that being said it's amazing how a wedding dress can make you look so good.

so after dress shopping we went to Boston pizza for supper where i had a celebratory drink and a yummy chicken dish which was higher in points than i wanted but wasn't too bad because i took half of it home. then it was to bed for me and i couldn't sleep.

so that was yesterday, and i am happy to have found a dress and now look forward to making other wedding plans.

Today was pretty good, and will only get better. Me and Dean got up around 830 and I am happy to announce that he is at his goal weight, yay hunny! While i was in the shower he made yummy pancakes for breakfast with some fresh pineapple on the side, then we got ready and went out to run some errands, well shopping mostly, we went to wal-mart where i bought some new sweats for the gym, and then to the mall where we looked for an ab workout DVD with little success. Then to chapters where Dean bought Chef Ramsey's new book and i bought the hungry girl cookbook. Then to Sobeys to pick up a few things and back home.

Once home we had lunch (leftover BP for me) and then Dean hooked up the good ol' xbox where we worked out to my yourself fitness game for an hour, now we are just relaxing for the rest of the night in the snow and dreading driving to work tomorrow in the snow/rain white shit we are getting.

Tomorrow is a start to my new week and i weigh in tomorrow so i will have some new stats and might upload my before pics that are still sitting on my camera.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

stress of the dress

OK so missed yesterday, nothing really interesting happened, we went out for yummy supper last night and had some drinks at home, i did pretty good, and went to the gym for an hour and a half yesterday, so i am doing good.

today was already crazy, we woke up around 8 and had some breakfast then started cleaning, now i had made plans with my aunt (maid of honer) and my mom to go dress shopping this afternoon and when i was talking to mom she backed out. Now this shouldn't have upset me as much as it did but i burst into tears when i got off the phone with her, Dean was mad at mom but i got over it, and planned some other possible plans and mom called back and changed her mind, we are close and she knows when i am upset, so now we are going dress shopping! i am very excited, and want to be happy but it's hard because i don't feel pretty all the time, and i still want to lose weight, but i know they can alter dresses so that makes me happy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

pig out

OK so today was a bad day. I went to work and was already not in the mood to be there, so i drank some chocolate milk, i had a chocolate bar and i ate all the rest of my food. so work went by, not as well as i wanted it too and i didn't go to the gym, i wanted to when i left this morning, i wanted to when i was at work, but because dean was home today i didn't go, and this hasn't been the first time, and so now i am 2 days without going and it gets worse.

so i got home and had an English muffin with jam, didn't need it could have, should have had fruit but i did it, and i didn't even really taste it. then supper which was really good and hunny spent a long time to try and lower the points down from 15 to 9. So i also had a nap while hunny was cooking supper, so i had supper which was good, and i was already over my daily points by 5. Then we went for ice cream at Dairy Queen, yea right... I was thinking of having a med Sunday when i left home, but got there and got a banana split, so 12 points later i am overly full and now over my limit by 17 points.

Needless to say i feel bad, but i also think i needed it, now tomorrow is a new day and i will start fresh, no junk and I'm gonna go to the gym and do the workout i did today and the one i planned to do tomorrow, so hopefully yay me

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OK so today i found to be a rough day. I was sleepy and just not in a good mood for most of it. Work just seemed super annoying today which isn't good. I don't like days like that it makes it hard to keep it up. Some times i think i chose the wrong profession, other times i love being a nurse. Any was so i had a huge headache at work and when i picked dean up to go home, When i got home i was for the most part cranky and whiny. So i sulked around and then got in the shower which helped allot.

So for supper Dean was gonna make something but i wanted McDonald's, so we cleaned up the spare bedroom and then departed. Now i did go over my points but i still have my flex and my activity points, so i had a hamburger and fries, and it was good, completely made my day.

Now we are just relaxing, i go to work again tomorrow and hopefully will have a better day than today. I also plan on going to the gym on the way home and hopefully doing my running week 2 program, i will let every one know how that goes.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 good days off

Well I must admit my last two days off were very successful. Yesterday was wonderful and today was too.

Today I cleaned the bathrooms and went through the linen shelves and then worked on my cross-stitching. Went to the gym, which was packed and did some cardio and my strength training. Then to pick up Dean and home to left over stir-fry and now sitting and going to relax with some tea. BL is on tonight so we will watch that.

Back to work tomorrow and hopefully have a good day, going to make my lunch for tomorrow soon too, probably gonna have a salad with some canned tuna and some snacks. So the week got off to a great start and I hope it will stay that way!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Pot Luck

OK so yesterday i didn't get a chance to blog, i was super sleepy. So I totally didn't even count yesterday as a day of ww. I was exhausted and craving junk so for my first break at work i got a super breakfast - hash browns bacon egg and toast, yea bad. Then i didn't have any water, only pop, and we had our potluck. Well that was bad to the bone, there were ribs and rice and pasta and more rice, then dessert - sex in a pan, apple coffee cake, squares and the works, so i went a little over, then for supper, which was later and i didn't eat allot, was chicken fingers and the leftovers from new years eve, which was all breaded, now i did bake it all but still.

So today is a new day back on track. I was down 2lbs! so that was good, and i am going to the gym, and am going to eat healthy! gonna make a chicken stir-fry tonight for supper and hopefully have left overs for tomorrow,
Also Dean and I made up a chore chart last night so i can feel more productive on my days off and we organized that as well as my week, I was lacking organization and felt like i was being to lazy with this laid out now i will be good. So today i am off to do laundry and dust/clean the bedroom! Hope everyone has a good day!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Moon

Well lets see, today was OK, long and i am ready for bed now but OK. I worked and that was fine, then went to the gym, did some cardio and some strength training. Dean is working a close tonight so i am home by myself. When i got home didn't really do too much, talked to mom on the phone. My Grandfather is sick and not doing well and we are all stressed about that.

Then i made blueberry scones for the potluck we are having at work tomorrow. They are relatively low in pts and they would have been really good if our oven wasn't sent at a higher temp. I didn't burn them but they are over cooked, Oh well. Had some salad for supper and cleaned up.

Then finished New Moon, a great book and I want the next one!!! But i don't think it's out in paper back yet so i will wait for now. I am going to read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe again, it is part of my new years goals to read the whole series again. So i may start that tonight or i may put something on TV.

I need to go pick dean up at work tonight at 1230 so i will be going to bed soon, and tomorrow is my last day of work, and my last day before i weigh in, That being said I plan to go to McDonald's as dean has been craving it like mad, i will get a quarter ponder with fries and hopefully not eat it all... yea right, so i will just have to be careful at the potluck...

we will see what tomorrow brings!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Long Day

Well I had a very long day. But that said I believe it was productive.

Yesterday ended with us buying a food scale from Wal-Mart, and going out to mom's for supper where she cooked potato salad and ham. I also had a roll and PB which I could have done without but oh well... it was too tempting. So we came home and watched some TV and went to be. Where i read my book; New Moon, the second of the Twilight saga... soooo good.

Today me and Dean both worked early so we were up and off. I was feeling very sluggish today, and I had a huge long day at work. Bought a bag of chips which i could have done without, but they were baked so not soo bad. And I did go to the gym, I really wasn't feeling it but i got there. However forgot my water bottle, so i couldn't do my whole running program because i got way too parched and had to stop. But i did get 20mins in so not too bad. Dean made a nice supper of fish and turnip and rice, and he also made a dessert which i am eagerly awaiting. So tomorrow back to the gym for some strength training and i work again.

Hope everyone had a good day!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I did it!

Ok so I did it, I ran, so only 9 mins in total but still!!! I am very excited about this and it has totally motivated me to do better. So that being said I am a little sore. Dean did my measurements for me last night and I was a little upset about them, but in comparison to my running they weren't a huge deal. Today we are going to get groceries, stock up on some healthy stuff i am hoping, and going to visit my mom. I am also on the hunt for a food scale as I have wanted one for a while and never got one. Food wise yesterday wasn't too bad, I did make up a baileys drink which was 8Pts on WW but only put me over into my Flex by 2. Oh yea I don't think I mentioned my Weight Watchers, well i do it online and it has helped me before so i am hoping it will help me again, well that's all, want to keep things short and sweet!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well here we go

Ok so here we go, I am toatlly new to this whole blogging thing, and as I am looking at it I see there is a spell check, Thank God! Ok so here I am sitting on the couch, thinking if this is a good idea. My friends do it and say it works well for them. So I will try, and I will also try to post everyday, or at least every few.

So I am here to say that I need to loose weight. I am not Fat. But I am not healthy, and not only do I want to loose weight but I want to be active and Healthy! So this is where I start. My Name is Holly, I am engaged to a lovely man. We are getting married Sept. 12 2009! So my goal is to lose 30 - 35 lbs before than, which equals around 4 lbs a month. Also my goal is to learn to run, and be active and happy.

So the rest of my day will follow like this; Go to the gym when I am done playing on here, then pick up Dean (the lucky man in my life), Relax a bit have some supper and probably go to a movie, Now i am already doing well today with eating so i will indulge in a little popcorn, but hopefully just a little, I might even order a small so i don't over eat! Well hope someone comes across this and comments, I am waiting to see how this goes!