Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Night Delight

Good Evening blogger land. Hope everyone is prepared for a safe, fun Halloween Weekend. I know I am.

So today was a fairly good day!

Just to remind people here is what I had planned to eat; Cereal, Catered Lunch and Fish, Rice, Broccoli. And I am happy to stay I stuck with it fairly well. As stated breakfast was cereal, corn pops to be exact. Probably not the healthiest choice, but it was what we have right now.

Then I went to work for a bit before heading to a Job Fair to help get some more staff!! There we had a catered lunch, and I had a coffee and chocolate chip muffin around 10, and they didn’t have alot of stuff to offer, they did have some fruit but it looked over ripe and a little off. Then lunch came around and I had some mushrooms and a nice squash soup, it was really good! I also had one cookie, which was also fantastic.

After the job fair we went grocery shopping and we always buy a piece of fudge from Dave’s, so I had a nice piece of choclate peanut butter fudge!!! Its not pumpkin spice like everyone has been raving about but it will do!

Supper was awesome, and although we don’t consider Shark Steak fish, it is sea food so it counts. We had that with rice and broccoli and it was totally enjoyable. Now I am sitting relaxing with a drink and enjoying the evening, eagerly awaiting my “friday night delight” on WWE SmackDown; John Morrison;

MORRISONthose abs!

This weekend I have my Papa’s interment, and then we are hanging out watching scary movies!! Hope I don’t get too scared!!

I’ll leave you with one last pic of me and my Papa, hope everyone has a safe weekend!!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

I’m going to do it!!!

What is it? Well it starts with a commitment to myself. And ends with following through. I have made a weeks worth of menu. Now they are rough and I might admit boring, but I am hoping that this is what I need to get a head. Will I track it… I haven't decided yet. But here is what it looks like;

Friday – Cereal, Catered Lunch and Fish, Rice, Broccoli

Saturday – Egg and Toast/English muffin, ???, Halloween Candy

Sunday – Halloween Candy, ???, Turkey Pot Pie

Monday – Cereal, Salad (with pom), and Chicken, Mashed potato, String Beans

Tuesday – Toast and grapes, Salad (with tuna), Squash and Maple Apple Curry soup

Wednesday – Cereal, Salad (with cheese) and Pork, Baked Potato, Carrots

Thursday – Oatmeal??, Salad (with pork??), and Chicken, Couscous, Squash

It is very basic but I am excited to have it all laid  out in front of me. I am especially excited for the Squash soup Dean will make and the salad with Pom. This is a huge step and I hope I can finally follow through.



Me in the 180’s, last time sucker's

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sill sick = time to think

Wow I am still sick, better, but still not well, So I stayed home today. But I will be back at work tomorrow, I can’t miss anymore time!!! The end of the month will kill me!!!

So with being home sick, but not sleepy at all today, I have had some time to think. I realized that this blog has turned away from a healthy lifestyle and to a whatever blog. Well actually I have turned into a whatever sort of person again, and I don’t like that. I was catching up on blogs today and I think Skinny Me Said it best. That in order to really life an active healthy lifestyle we need to be in routine and sacrifice alot to stay in that routine.

My problem is that I am not a fan of routine. I mean we have one, we go to work we come home we have supper lalala, but if something comes up or plans change, I go with it. If I was putting exercise in and something better came up I would opt out with no problems. I think I need to start looking at rewards for myself to be active, and healthy.

I also like that some of the other ladies are not weighing themselves for a while and just focusing on the habits not the results. While I am not sure if I am ready for that yet I need to find some motivation for me to do well.

So what does everyone thing, should I start tracking my food again?? How do other people plan their days out??

I live a fair distance from any sort of gym so for me I either need to do it right after work, which has never really lasted, or find other activates to do at home, and I hate walking as I live on a major road with not much nice things to look at. I have a planner, or 2 or 3, and I use my work calendar too, but I can’t seem to scheduled anything around my life outside of work!!! It is driving me nuts!!!

So if any one has any tips that would be awesome!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Feeling incredibly Ill

Ok so I went to work, and I did my job and thankfully (well not for Dean) Dean called and wanted to go home early because he is now sick again!

I have been taking cold medication, my puffer and Tylenol all day, and the only time I felt remotely well was once I had a nice shower. I have a fever of 100.7 which isn’t huge but for me with a usual normal of 96.7 it’s a big deal.

Me and Dean napped when we got home, and ate mom’s lacking supper of fried pork chops and potatoes and mixed veggies, not that if it was an amazing supper i would have  been able to taste it. So tonight we have basically sat around and mopped about feeling sick. I won’t be going to work tomorrow and i can only imagine how behind I will be, but I need to get better!!!

Hope everyone else is well and healthy!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sick Sunday

OMG I hate being sick!

I did have a good weekend though, couldn’t let that stop me! Yesterday we didn’t do a whole lot we headed over to Lynn and J’s and relaxed with them. The boys played some video games and me and Lynn just talked about stuff.

I forgot to mention that she was nice enough to come to my Papa’s funeral and I so appreciated it. Thank you!!!

Dean made an awesome supper. Sticky Lemon Chicken, from Gordon Ramsey's cookbook, Dean idolizes him and he really does have some good recipes, even though they sometimes need alot of ingredients. We shared a bottle of wine and watches a stand up comedy act. We had started to watch a movie but we all started falling asleep.

This morning I woke up sick, uck. We had alot of Laundry to do, which is mostly all done, and we went to get groceries. Dean made some yummy brownie muffins for the week, and he is making pasta for supper tonight! I am so excited, I just hope I can taste it through this cold!!

This week I will be heading back to work and I just know that I will be busy and have a crazy week. But as long as I feel better it will be good because I will get to be occupied.

Hope everyone has a good week!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The remembrance of a good man.

Ok, well after an exhausting week I am now glad to say that I think the worst is over. My Papa’s funeral was today and it was a very good one I must say.

I must say though, I am not feeling the fast food anymore, after eating it Tuesday and Wednesday and eating out yesterday and again today I want a home cooked meal.

The past few days have been very busy. Running to the funeral home and back, and running around town printing off pictures. And today amongst all the stress, driving out to Beaverbank and back and then back and forth again with my Aunt who is in a home out there.

Me and Dean did take advantage of out well dressed selves and went for supper at the Mongoli Grill tonight, and I enjoyed that. But this weekend will be spend doing Laundry and relaxing and taking care of me. I go back to work Monday and will be very busy with the end of my month things. 



This is my Papa, his parents, my Dad and Me!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In Memory or Lawrence Clark – Oct. 20/2009

Well yesterday was a sad day for our Clark Clan.

If anybody knows my Papa (grandfather) has been fighting skin cancer for a while. Back about 2 years ago he went up to Hamilton with little success, and it has been a downward slop from there. He was also Diabetic and developed diabetic neuropathy which lead to him recently losing one leg just below the knee.

We had been prepared for a family meeting tomorrow to look at placement options, knowing he was stubborn and wouldn’t want to go anywhere but home. However in the early morning he passed away. And he was comfortable.

So yesterday was spent letting people know and getting my father, his son, home from Ontario where is is working. It was a late night but over all a good day, I can’t say tears weren't shed but time spent with family also has to be quality good time, and it was that.

Today will be rough as well, we are going to the funeral home to make the arrangements. I am thankful that work has given me the rest of the week off and I can spend this time with my family and myself. We weren't close but we where family.

I am so mad to say that I don’t have any recent pictures and that I only have old ones, I have a few still to scan but haven't gotten there yet.


Untitled-5 Untitled-4

meand papa 2

RIP Papa, you are in a better place now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Not a very good blogger.

Well I must say that I am not a very good blogger. And I am not a very committed person to myself either.

Why is it that it is so hard for women to take care of themselves? I know what I should do, I know how to do it. But why everything and everyone that crosses my path seems to make an excuse for me.

Needless to day I didn’t get my reward, and I didn’t even really care. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?. So this week I don’t even know where I stand. I didn’t lose/gain any weight so that is good I guess, but I just am not motivated.

What do other people do to motivate them??? Can some one help me find some realistic goals to work towards??


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ugh work…

Ugh work today… woke up before dawn, it was cold I was still sleepy, although glad to be woke up from my nightmare.

Work was long, wasn’t as busy as excepted but our residents are still confined to the floor. I had a little freak out at a staff but am ok now.

The evening will be resting and preparing to do it all again tomorrow.

For my goals;

  • I didn’t eat that well today. I had cereal and milk for breakfast (no fruit there). I was going to have the pineapple but turns out it was bad. My morning snack was a few cookies and a muffin, followed by lunch that was pizza and cheese and crackers. Supper was hot turkey sandwiches, with peas. So there is one veggie… well guess I won’t be getting my make-up. Oh well keep going.
  • I definitely ate white carbs today, with pizza and hot turkey sandwiches, the cracker where whole wheat though and they were multi-grain cheerio's!
  • No exercise today, it’s rainy and cold and suppose to snow tonight!
  • I also didn’t take the stairs at work today, I don’t really know if i just didn’t remember or if I was lazy. Maybe I can save myself and try for 2 times tomorrow!
  • And here is my blog, and I am going to say something negative because it will get off my chest. With all that is going on in my life, I am hating that fact that my mother cannot be a positive, or even neutral influence, but insists on making comments about things!!!!!!

Thats it for tonight, I am going to cross-stitch and realx!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Monday

Good evening everyone, I am glad to say that after a 4 day weekend I am actually glad to be going to work tomorrow! It will get me out of this house!

However today was a very productive day. We had Thanksgiving dinner yesterday so we didn’t have so much mess today. So we made stock – turkey stock, and lots of it!




So now we have enough stock for a bit to make lots of yummy stuff that Dean is learning in school!

I was quite proud of my breakfast this morning, even though Dean needed to help save it from being scrambled.

100_1719A yummy omelette with mushrooms, spinach, ham and cheese!   

Supper was also interesting, home made chow mien, steak and mashed potatoes, presented nicely on a plate.



After supper it was still nice out so we headed to the trail for a nice walk and talk. I also got some pictures of the nice fall sunset.

100_1733       100_1734





Now on to my goals for the week.

  • I got 3 servings of vegetables and fruit in today. I was going to have some pineapple with chocolate syrup but Dean took out a cheese cake from the freezer, and lets face it, It looks better (it has strawberries on it if that counts??)
  • I didn’t have toast today for breakfast I instead chose to have my omelette. I didn’t have any white bread today except for a home made roll that was left over from yesterdays dinner.
  • I went for a half hour walk today with Dean, it was very relaxing. I also did “wood” which basically means stacking it from one place to another.
  • And finally I am blogging, and I don’t think any thing was negative! Go me!

    Night everyone, I am ready for a 4-day work week!!

Waiting for the world to change

Ok here we go, I am done waiting for other people to change. I think for a long time I have waited for others to change around me so I could feel comfortable changing too. Well that is enough of this bullshit. I know now that the only one who can change me, is me. And while I have amazing support from people like my husband, I don’t have that support in all areas of my life (my mother unfortunately being one of them).

So with out further ado here is my plan, I am going to start small with a weekly goal.

  • Eat 3 – 4 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. While this is not up to par with what we should all eat, this is a challenge for me and I will strive to get better each week.
  • Reduce the amount of refined breads/cereals I eat. Last Friday was grocery day so we have bought white bread, but this Friday when we go again I will buy whole wheat and get all the chemical crap out of my system.
  • Exercise 2 – 3 times this week. Right now Deans gym membership is up so I am only looking at today and Saturday as big exercise days. But I will get something else in there somewhere.
  • Take the stairs at work once a day (I work on the 5th floor). That means up, in my head I plan to take them down all the time, but we will see. However I think once a day will work wonders for me to start with.
  • Blog everyday, trying to stay in the positive and not the negative. I am very good at being negative, and it is probably one of my downfalls, so I am only allowing myself one negative comment to blog on a day. Everything else will hopefully focus on the positive or what I can do to be better.

So if I can do good with this for the week I am going to reward myself with something from Clinique. I get my makeup there and want something new, so that will be it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Food Addiction

So one of the things I did on the weekend was borrow some books from Lynn. One was called Food Addiction. I started looking through it at her place but had to stop because all of the information, even in the first few pages, hit home with me so hard I was ready to have an anxiety attack. 


So when I got home today I started reading it, I’m on page 17 and it has now become evidently clear that I am a Food Addict. Wow there is it out here for everyone to see now… So since this is the case, and I have been having a very hard time with dealing with this most of the afternoon I have come down to 2 choices.

1. I am a food addict and I can fight the addiction, which will be hard, time consuming and emotionally draining.


2. I live with the addiction until I am either consumed by it or feel I have the will power to fight it.

The truth of the matter is I don’t know what do to. I have been back and forth on this for a very long time with these very issues. There are days where I think I am not that unhealthy, and then there are days where I want to change it. So all this means, using my nursing knowledge, is that I am in the pre-contemplation stage of my addiction. I have accepted that it is there, but I am not ready to do anything about it, but am thinking of doing something in the future.

All that being said I am in need of help, I have great supports through my friends and my husband. So I will think about this tonight, very hard. But as I am sitting here thinking now, I can’t go back to denial, and I don’t won’t be someone who is addicted to something, something as  basic as food. So I will read on through the book, I will educate myself about my addiction and then come up with a game plan.

Until I come up with a true game plan I will focus on eating right. We spent all afternoon cooking and baking healthy things and I want them and everyday will be a challenge.

A wonderful weekend.

Morning bloggers, hope everyone is having a good weekend. Mine has been good so far and will probably get better. The only complaint I have is that I don’t have pictures… I am so bad for that. But to see some head over to Lynn’s blog for the events of yesterday.

Well I’ll start with Friday which was a busy day at work, followed by groceries and Dean making an awesome supper of Salmon, rice and Spaghetti Squash, which is one of my new favourite vegetables! We relaxed with a bottle of wine and hit bed at a good hour.

Saturday was awesome, Lynn called early to see if we wanted to head in to town to do some shopping so we got ready and away we went. We headed to Chapters which was awesome, we still had a gift card from the wedding for there and ended up getting a good load of books. I am excited to be reading!!

We headed back to Lynn and Jays and hung around, Lynn made an awesome supper and we shared a bottle of wine. We then played some poker and I won!! Ha-ha, felt good even though it wasn’t real money. We also played some Scrabble and Lynn made me a header for my blog which I love! It’s so girly!!!

Unfortunately this morning I feel sick, my floor at work has a cold going around and of course I caught it on the weekend!!grrrr. So today we only have a few baking things to do and then I will relax with my books I think. All in all it will be a wonderful weekend!!!