Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The gym didn’t work…

Howdy folks…. I’m a bit over tired and grumpy!

The past few days has been super busy at work, and although I am doing fairly well with my eats I am not feeling the exercise like I did last week. I’ve been to the gym 3 days in a row and Monday and Tuesday I felt accomplished because I was sick and still went and got some in. Today though I am feeling mostly better (although my nose is starting to get stuffy again) and I did the cross-trainer… the worst 25 minuets of the day. I thought I wanted to go but once I walked in the doors of the gym I wanted to walk right back out. I forgot my IPod so of course it just made matters worse… ugh I hated it. The endorphins did not work today.

Once it was over I treated myself to Starbucks. I needed a pick me up, and that worked. Meals have been pretty basic, and simple. The best thing about today is my Daddy comes home!! He works away and is home for the Easter weekend!

So that’s about it for now, just thought I would check in before I catch up on all the other bloggers out there. I leave you with a parting gift.


Mom and Dad at Christmas. Which is the last time I saw him. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

I wanna feel better!

Ugh, so I am still not feeling well. But I am trooping forward. So Saturday I completed some Wii yoga and I am almost to the point where I would go to a class.

So Saturday was pretty low key.. and then it happened. We were watching an episode of X-Weighted. It was a mother and daughter and they honestly did really good, like 60 lbs and stuff. I cried, I just completely balled and Dean held me and I had no idea what got me. But I have thought about it now and it’s two things.

1. I have not been trying as hard as I could be, I am not working out as long as I could be and not eating as strict as I could be. That being said I need to keep my sanity and I had a loss today so I am doing some things right even if it’s not always 100%.

2. I want that support from my mother. I like to think of us as very close but to be honest she doesn't support me.  I can lose weight and she says good job, but if I gain it’s well you didn’t do this or that. She is very unsupportive in my journey to losing weight and being healthy because she doesn't see the need for it.

So that was my weekend. I was back to work today and still kind of sick, but oh well what can we do… I joined a challenge this week;

Button - Healthy Slow Cooker Challenge copy

Ali started this one and it should be good, stay tuned as I see what the other participants are cooking up! 

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunny, sick, Saturday

Morning peeps, it’s Saturday again! I am so glad even though I woke up with a sore throat and when I went to eat my breakfast I could only eat about half of it before I felt sick and full. There is a major head cold going around work and I am praying I am not getting it!

So Thursday and Friday were pretty good. Thursday was relaxing after work, and here is what supper looked like;


Chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans wrapped in sliced ham. Yummy, and Dean always make it look so good  on the plate!

Last night may have been celebratory! Dean was in a food competition yesterday and felt very proud of himself at the end of it and we may have had a little wine; SAM_0190I had never tried this before and it was very good. And it was on sale, I may buy this one again.  The good thing was, I did track everything so far this week, I am very proud of that!

This morning we woke up a little later than our usual 7:00. But as soon as I was up I got the slow cooker out and have Chilli in there cooking away! I think I may even try the recipe thing this time!

The rest of the weekend will be spend doing something like this I think;


That’s right lounging, and maybe some Wii yoga too. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Name’s Holly, I know First Aid

That was my day today. A 6 hour first aid/CPR recertification… icky and boring.

I had my doctors appointment yesterday and everything is fine, my iron and B12 are in “adequate” ranges, which means I need to keep taking what I am taking, but don’t have to increase anything. Other than that yesterday I didn’t do to much except make supper.


Stir – Fry! It also seems to me last time I cooked it was stir-fry.

It was really good though and I had leftovers. I also tried rice noodles for the first time, and they were really good to.


Super good filling supper! the we relaxed with my kitty!


We went to bed early and then were up for today. After work I went to the gym and totally kicked ass! I ran for 2.5 Km and 7 minuets in a row! That is huge for me. I also think I found a good amount of time to recover; 2 minuets (at least for now). I also burned 333 calories, says my Polar

Supper tonight was comfort food! Pasta a salad – one of my favourites!



Now I will be relaxing and catching up on blogs and such! Hope everyone had a good hump day!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Back at It All

Well I am back at it. Back to work after being off all week, back to this thing called weight loss, and back to life in general.

My last day of vacation went well. Got outside to walk on a different trail with friends;



And I also got to snuggle with my baby;


Today was my WW weigh in and I am glad to say I stayed the same. After vacation I think that is very reasonable. What I don’t like is that I am 2 lbs heavier at WW then at home… Stupid Scale.

I also got to the gym today (even though it could have been very easy not to go). Although I didn’t do great on the treadmill I still burned 233 calories, and I got there right?

So now I am off tomorrow (didn’t I plan that right) for a doctors appointment to get my blood work back and all that stuff. Not sure how that will turn out, but for now I won’t worry about it and relax with my beverage the hubby made up;  SAM_0160

It’s really just diet sprite and a strawberry!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Well I unplugged this weekend and loved it. Dean and I headed to The Prince George for two nights and a wonderful time. We hit up Gio, The Economy Shoe Shop and swam in the pool. We also walked everywhere down town and it was amazing weather. All that being said here is our trip in pictures.


Our Room and the Views;

SAM_0120 SAM_0121 SAM_0122



Me Before going to Gio


And our beverage of choice while away.

The service was great the food was great and it felt so good to be away from life and not have to make the bed or do dishes… ahhh wish life could be like that all the time!

Back to reality. Today is the first full day of spring. What does this mean for me? Well it is the start of my personal challenge.  I am going to try my best to hit my first goal (160lbs) by the first day of summer (June 21). This means meal plans, workout schedules and discipline. It will not be easy but I need to do this. I cannot sit here uncomfortable in my clothes with this on again off again attitude.

That also means going to weigh in at WW tomorrow and face the music. Although I was quite active on vacation I know I over indulged in some things and if I see a gain I will deal with it and move on. And I vow not to see a gain again for 12 weeks!

So I encourage all of you to join me in a spring challenge, make it whatever you like, but it’s 12 weeks until summer!

Hope it’s a good week!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Wow this week is totally flying by!

First off I’ll get some house keeping out of the way;

Check out Eat Oxygen for a great yoga gear giveaway!

And check out Lynn for some awesome Juice at Life, Health, Fit.

Wow there sure are alot of giveaways going on!

So I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday it was too nice here!! It was a wonderful day. The morning was spent relaxing while Dean practiced for a competition he is going to next week.


While he did that I enjoyed some spring water, what makes it spring… Lemon!


Then it was time for lunch… yummy apps and entree’s

 SAM_0105 SAM_0110






So after lunch since it was sooo nice out we hit up the trail again for a run! I don’t know what it is about running but I find it very hard. Dean is trying to be so supportive but really I feel like a big idiot because I am there running my a$$ off and he is literally walking beside me!

Last night we just relaxed really.

This morning we painted a few of the ceilings in the house to earn some extra cash and Mom took us out for dinner. I am sore and completely worn out but it was worth it.

Tomorrow we head out to Halifax for a few nights! Can’t wait for the good food and the pool!

Hope everyone had a good hump day!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Wow what an amazing day it was here in NS, and from what I hear the whole week is going to be like today!

So we went to our bank appointment and got everything straightened away there. Then we headed into the city for my meeting. My WI was less than desired but that is ok. I was up and I assumed I would be. But I am making healthy choices and exercising MOST of the time. My huge problem is that when I fall off and don’t eat well it’s normally really bad. I am hoping with the nicer weather and some better organization I will do better. I plan to organize the meals for a week or so and find some recipes for weekend cooking so I have healthy lunches and stuff.

After my meeting we headed to the mall and then down to the water front. It was pretty windy but sunny and we walked along hand in hand. Haha I took a few pictures, but not anything interesting;



We then went to supper which was pretty yummy, and as always I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. And now I am just relaxing. Going to let Dean have the TV tonight and cross-stich I think.

Here’s what I just finished;


I plan on giving this to Mom as a mothers day gift, probably making it a magnet. She loves cute little things like that. And this is what I am starting;


This I think will be a Christmas gift for my Aunt. Not sure yet though we will see.

Well that is about it. Tomorrow is a day of relaxation, probably some laundry but that is about it. Hope everyone had a good Monday!

PS: Jamie over at Embracing Balance is having an awesome giveaway so go check it out. 


Well it’s Monday Morning and thank god I am on Vacation. I had a busy end to my week with meetings and trying to get everything organized to be off. I am sure next Monday will be busy but oh well I will worry about that then.

My weekend was one of indulgence, and I didn’t track. It involved this;




And of course some of this;


It was a good weekend all together and I even got outside for a run. That to me was the success. I ran for about 8 minuets total in a 40 minuet period but it was good. I didn’t really plan on running, although it was in the back of my head, so for me I am happy with that. I can do way better on the treadmill of course but I want to be able to run outside too!

So Monday for us involves a bank appointment, me going into work for a 2 hour meeting, Me weighing in at WW (wish me luck!) and going out to The Mongolie Grill. I absolutely love it there. If your from Halifax and have never been I suggest you try it. Its a buffet style stir-fry bar. They have all kinds of choices as to what to but in your stir-fry and then you can watch them do it up on a huge grill! Very fun and I’ve always had a good experience there.

Since we are going to be downtown, if it’s nice enough I may just convince hunny that a board-walk venture may be needed instead of the gym!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bits n Bites

Well didn’t go to the gym today, I figure 2 days in a row is enough, plus I really didn’t sleep well so I need the rest. That being said I am posting before supper so no tasty pictures.

But I am right on with my intake today. I had a peanut butter banana wrap for breakfast, and at work I had yogurt, some crackers and tuna, carrots and dip and grapes, all healthy and good for me! I am nibbling on some homemade bits n bites right  now but am waiting for supper too!

Can’t wait 2 more work days till vacation!!

Back to the gym tomorrow I guess. Hope everyone had a good hump day!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Timbits are Evil!

Good Evening everyone, All I have to say is timbits are evil, and so are the people who “share” them.

Unfortunately I have a few people at work who bring in goodies but never eat them themselves and offer food all the time. This annoys me to no end especially since these people are aware that I am trying to lose weight!

Oh well in the end I should just fess up and admit that it’s my own self control as well. So my day was busy and stressful. Lost another resident today. Some times there are parts of my job I don’t like.

We did go to the gym though, and I burned about the same as yesterday. I am really enjoying my heart rate monitor. I am very glad I bought it.

Supper tonight is pasta since me and Dean both forgot to take something out of the freezer. Here is what Dean came up with;


I always have Caesar Salad with my pasta but it’s made with spinach and light dressing, It adds up to about 2 – 3 points depending on the amount of dressing I use. And yes those are my vitamins in the background, Iron, B-12, a Multi-Vit and there is Vit – D in there too.

The rest of the night will be spent relaxing and watching Dean play his new video game he bought today. Ok I am kind of excited to see it too. (That's the nerd in me!)

Tomorrow is Hump Day and I am so excited. Totally counting down till vacation!

Giveaway goings on

Check out at Ali's Fat to Fit for a great giveaway!

I hope I win!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mondays Suck

My new thought is that Monday is the worst day of the week. They are always so busy for me! Between resident meals and meeting I barley had enough time to get weighed in


As you can see this is the result of running from one meeting back to the floor with a weigh-in in between.

And to top it off my eating was less than stellar. I did manage to eat lunch but none of the fruits or veggies I had brought with me. I am trying to get them all in but it is hard when there aren't enough hours in the day. Rant Rant Rant.

There my rant about Mondays is done, and as can be seen in the above picture I did good at weigh in. I had excepted a STS so this was a pleasant surprise. After work we headed to the gym and this is what the Polar showed me;


That’s 310 calories in 30 minuets!

I was so happy to see the the treadmill is way off with calories. Lets me know I am actually doing good! And that brings up a question for all of you out there who have been successful at weight loss;

Is tracking calories or points easier for you, especially when it comes to tracking exercise??

I ask because I am wondering if calories would be better, or maybe just different.

I am sore from the gym but am glad to say I ran for 13 minuets. Not straight but that’s about half of my workout, so I am proud. I was starving before supper and had no idea what Dean was gonna do with the steak I pulled out this morning. This is what he came up with;


Steak Quesadilla's with balled carrots and rice. It was Mexican night at our place!

It was so good! Now to go shower and relax!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another week goes by.

    Well just like that another week went by. I am glad to say I am in good spirits. Not so glad to say that I didn’t eat very well this weekend. But all that will change! So is everyone dying to know what I did all week? (not really that’s ok!)

    Well Thursday I worked overtime in order to have Friday off. There are some perks to my job! So Dean didn’t have class this Friday either so we decided to go get our taxes done. Much to our surprise there was some money to be found! So Friday we did all of the running around that we needed to do, groceries and such.

    Saturday was the fun! First of all I went and got a hair cut! I have been waiting for months to get my hair cut, and finally decided to do it.

Here’s what it looked like before                  And here is after

hd (68)       SAM_0024

I got alot of hair cut off, and it feels so good! I feel liberated and I know that having this hair cut will make me want to look good and that will in turn make me feel good.

When I got home from my hair cut we headed into the city to shop! We went straight to the running room for my first purchase; A Polar F4 heart rate monitor! I have really been waiting for one and I hope this will turn up my exercise a notch! We then got some lunch and headed to Future Shop, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy for some browsing. Dean was having a hard time deciding what to buy. While I had my eye set on a new camera. I got a Samsung and I love it. I have really been wanting a new camera for a long time.

Here's a few shots with the new camera;

SAM_0015 SAM_0030






We then headed to a movie and dinner and today was spent relaxing, doing laundry and dean made supper;

SAM_0039Hamburgers and fries! My favourite and often a Sunday dinner!

That is it for me, get ready for the work week and a new day and week starting tomorrow!

Oh yea check out Dean’s Dishes and see what ya think! It my hubby’s new blog. It’s still a work in progress but should be exciting!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stress Relief

Well I told ya I would let you know what helped me think and deal with the stress. If anyone remembers this post a while back I showed a picture of where my cross-stitching was at. Well I hadn’t been at it for a while and last week picked it up again and look at the mostly finished product;


All that is left is to buy a frame and frame it when Christmas time rolls around. Not sure who it will go to but definitely a good gift to start on.

And when I finished it the other night I dug out this cute one… shouldn't take more than a few hours but still…


I will definitely be starting this tonight because I have had one hell of a stressful day at work and although I had some portioned bits and bites that I didn’t need this afternoon I know if I don’t stay busy I will eat and eat and eat. I wish I knew how to not stress eat!!

Well that is all for now, I’m off to fix up supper since hubby is napping (which means he’s sick he just won’t admit it yet)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Yay! – That is all

So through the weekend I thought alot about what I was doing. I thought alot about what I wanted out of this whole experience. In the end it boils down to being happy. And not just with my weight, but complete happiness. Now that means alot of different things to different people but to me it means being organized, confidant and successful.

Well first comes organized. And I have most of that down. I am fairly organized given the small amount of space I have to work with. We have a fairly consistent routine and that helps.

Next is confident. I am not confident at all. I have no faith in myself rather it has to do with body image or work, or any other aspect of my life. This is definitely what I need to work on. This for me huge and I don’t know exactly what I need to do to get more confidence but I am working on it.

And last is successful. I feel I am fairly successful now. I have a leadership job, I have a new car, I am married. For me the rest of my goals when it comes to what I define success as are goals that will come along with time. Having a house and kids.

So mostly I just am glad to be back in a good frame of mind. I can do all this and even if it takes a while to get there I will be happy!

Tomorrow I will share with you all what helped me get through my stress this weekend!