Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting closer to a goal!

Well I am very happy. I weighed in yesterday and was 175.5. Even after I had my brunch at work and had enough salt to feed the ocean. So yesterday I treated for the most part as a treat day. And I enjoyed it.

We also went and talked to our wedding coordinator at the Holiday Inn and I now feel like I am not falling behind on the wedding stuff.

So I am back at it today, had toast and egg and some cheese for breakfast and we are going to do 30 Day Shred after I digest a little. Then it's off to mom's to hopefully fix her PC.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

today was better

Ok so, today was much better. I was prepared for the day, I embraced it. I worked and the day went very well. I then Went to the gym, which was very rewarding even though my heels and calfs are suffering now. Dean made an interesting supper with chili and salsa and pasta, and now we will relax. No complaints here today!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mental Health Day

Ok so haven't blog ed all week, but have done fairly well, Only went over cals one day and that was because I didn't know how much I was eating before I ate it (lesson learned). So the week was full of ups and downs, again. I can't seem to shake this stupid depression/low mood, crap. It stormed last night, and the roads weren't bad this morning but i didn't sleep well at all (3 hours tops) so my mind was so racing. I thought off all kinda of stuff and most of it was stupid and me just worrying about nothing. So I stayed home, call it a mental health day. I am going to look into moving companies and e-mail my wedding consultant back with times to meet. I need to start feeling like some of this is really happening and get out of my routine of being blah! Might go to the gym today to run, I did go the other day but almost died from still being not 100%, Dean is sick and we are just full of cranky's. Well that's it for the update now.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A New Monday

Well today is a new day, and it was a good day. I did spark people today instead of ww, and that has been a bit frustrating, but i like the fact that i can monitor more with spark. I only gained .5 of a lb which made me happy. I am not in the best mood right now (totally TOM) but i am trying, i dunno my brain is all frazzled.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A week!

well it's been a week since i posted, not much has changed, I am still sick, But definitly on the mend now. I WI tommrow and I am sure I will be up, I didn't really track anything this week. But tommoor is a new day and a new week and I am back on the wagon.

I really think I needed the week off, And it's not that I ate totally unhealthy, I just didn't limit myself, and got no exersize in, but i missed not working out and I missed getting all my water. So I'll be back to blogging tommrow and it should be a good week!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sick weekend, happy WI

Ok so I posted Thursday, and I went to work Friday, nothing much to report, wasn't feeling great but I was ok.

Saturday I went to work and got sent home, I was ill and at work they had the flu so better to avoid spreading it. I got home around 10 and Dean was still at home. I didn't do to much, ate a bit, and slept and rested.

Yesterday Dean was determine to make me better so he made me eat a full breakfast, which was rough to get through, and to go for a walk. But that didn't last long as the sidewalks in our area are very poorly cleared and were slush. Once we got home friends of ours asked if we wanted to go swimming. I thought it was a great idea and dean conquered his fear of the changing room, lol. We swam for about 30 mins, I wasn't pushing myself but it felt good to do. Then we went to Starbucks for some coffee and catch up time. Then went to a movie, it was pretty good. And to supper at Moxie's, a new place here in Hali. The food was pretty good and reasonable priced. I will definitely go back. Then home to bed for us.

This morning was my WI, and I lost! 2.5 lbs! And we did our measurements and I lost 6.5 inches in a month, which I am very happy with! So now I am re motivated and hope to make it a good week and try to get most of my exercise in and my second week running!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

rant, and update.

Ok so yesterday was a good day. Didn't the the shred in so will be doing it today. I made pork chops for supper that turned out good and we went to a movie, which as ok.

Today has been not the greatest. It was pay day(yay) but other than that I am in a mood again, which i am trying to shake. So I drove Dean to work, and stayed up as it was 830. I chilled and read for a bit. While I was reading the land lord was outside vacuuming and knocks on the door. He wanted to tell me that Deans boots from work make the carpet outside dirty and maybe I can mention it too him. I am thinking what? Isn't his job to clean the carpets. It is not Deans job to remove his shoes at the elevator. And yea ok it's from our apartment but still. I was soooo tickted. And to add on top of it the fact that they screwed our rent up this month! gah, I am so glad we are moving soon.

So anyway I went to the gym, and I do feel better, alot less angry and a little happier. Tonight I am making soup for supper and hoping it will be enough, then we will do the shred tonight, so i will be so sleepy. and then it's off to work the weekend tomorrow, which is ok, I am going to try to be positive!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ready to be out!

Ok so I Posted Saturday. And here's what's happened.

Sunday we had to go to brunch with the family, which was more like lunch, I had soup and a wrap and was very good. Tried a few things around but nothing worth mentioning. The food was good but overly priced. The company well some are nuts and make blatant favorites which annoyed me. So back home and we relaxed had a awesome supper dean thought up with chicken and salad and salsa, was very delish. Then more relaxing as we both had to work the next day.

Monday I worked, and I felt the day was very productive and I made myself in a better mood than I had been. I also weighed in and was up 1 lb. But am OK with that, I am trying harder this week and have committed myself to working out 6 days a week, or at least 6 times. I will run for 3 days and do the 30 Day Shred for the rest. So Monday I had also went to the gym and ran, and it felt good. Supper was rice and shrimp and it was tasty as well. We just watched some TV and was in bed by 930.

Yesterday (Tuesday). I also worked, and it was a long day. I went out to an appointment with a Res. and we had a long wait. Plus we were having a snow storm and it was a little stressful. But I am so glad I went because he did very good at his test and I think I gained some respect from some of the staff. So once I got back to work it was just about time to go home, The roads weren't the best but I made it safely. When I got home Dean wasn't in the best of moods, he had been home all day and didn't feel like he had been productive. So we got a little mad at each other and worked it out. Then we had supper which was chicken and mashed potatoes and veggies, very tasty. The biggest Loser was on last night so we watched that and then went to bed.

Today I was up at 530 to drive dean to work, and thankfully the roads were not that bad. Then I went back to bed until 9, which i needed. I haven't really done much since, but will be getting dressed and cleaning up a bit in here soon. Then just going to relax and enjoy my day off. When dean gets home we will do the Shred again, and relax this evening.