Monday, January 30, 2012

Bucket List

Well I did it, I completed a bucket list. I really wanted to sit down and think of some things I wanted to accomplish in life. Usually when I think of things I want to do I don’t come up with much. I am a pretty low key person who is generally happy sitting at home with a good book or a TV show. I don’t want alot of clothes I don’t collect anything that costs alot of money. I do not consider myself materialistic at all. So when wanting to create a bucket list what did I do? I consulted Google. One of the first hits was this link. It was great to sit down and feel like I have things to accomplish. You can view my bucket list above.

That is one of my biggest frustrations; feeling like I am not accomplishing things in my life. When I am at work I have a list of tasks that is every changing, old things getting crossed off and new things feeling added. I feel accomplished crossing things off that list. But at home I feel like I have nothing to strive for, I feel like the old things I used to enjoy are almost as waste of time because they are not productive. Dean and I have been having alot of conversations around this. For me I am not sure if some of it is a lack of motivation, a depression or just a “funk”. What I do know is that I want to get organized and start feeling “accomplished” before baby gets here. I have to be honest I am still working on my definition of what accomplished is for me.

And speaking of baby, I had my monthly check up today. I am happy to report I gained the weight the doctor wanted me too. I am not back up to my pre-pregnancy weight, with 18 weeks to go I can only hope I don’t start gaining too much weight. The heart beat was 144 again – it has consistently been that except the first time we heard it (162). One thing I am not happy about is the fact that I now have to change doctors, my family doc does not deliver babies so I will be referred to a doc at the IWK. My only hope is that they will be as calm and informed as my regular doc.

It’s back to work tomorrow for me, but a 4 day week, and another 4 day week next week as well! Hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

What have I been up to?

Well growing a baby is a big one. I am feeling much better now then I was in October. I am now 22 weeks pregnant and very excited and anxious to have a little baby in my arms! We have decided not to find out the sex of the baby but will be going to 3DMiricles for a Heart Beat Bear. We had our first ultrasound not too long ago and that was exciting. The best part was finding out that there was only one baby in there!

We had started our nursery in October, but have just officially “finished” it yesterday.





The only thing I have left to do is recover the cushions to the rocking chair. That was my Mom’s rocking chair that has been around forever, it is still comfy, just needs a little love.

And speaking of my Mom we had our first Christmas without her. It was a bit rough, but not as hard as I had thought. Being pregnant has had alot of ups and downs thinking about Mom. My Dad is doing fairly well, he just lost a brother the beginning of this month which was a bit difficult for everyone. Reality is if people would eat well and exercise they would live longer and less people would die of massive heart attacks. I feel kind of hypocritical saying that because my exercise has been pretty low, but Dean and I plan to get right back into it once baby is here. We are going to join a complex with a pool and I am super excited about swimming and getting my baby used to the water!

I really hope to blog a bit more now. I had alot of stress in my life after finding out I was pregnant and work and the holidays. But now my stress level is lower, and I also know that blogging and writing things out will help my stress level. I have been working on getting more organized and finding some joy in my life. I was feeling like I was just sitting like a bump on a log for a long time and I really want to become more active with doing things I enjoy and getting used to being busy.

Well that’s it for now, I am glad to be back to blogging and getting some thought out in writing I hope to keep it up with some interesting things in my life.