Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pregnancy Taboo

Do you think pregnant women deserve special treatment? When you see a pregnant women do you move out of her way or hold the door for her? I was on twitter today and saw someone twee this;

I'm often tempted to take the pregnant woman parking spots. We, as a society, should not be rewarding people who have unprotected sex.

I really wasn’t sure what to think of. I got kind of mad. It made me think of alot of things. The whole time I have been pregnant for 40 weeks, and not anytime did I except special treatment. At work while the girls wanted me to be careful and may have gone out of the way to do things I could have done, I never looked around for help. I chose to leave work because I knew I was at a point where I couldn’t do my job alone, which is part of my job description.

People hold doors open for me, but I don’t find it any more often than I did. In fact the most “special” treatment I get is people asking when I am due. So then we get to the comment itself. So if you have a problem with parking spots that company's create as courtesy for pregnant women and mothers with small children then use them. There is no law for them, if you want to use them go ahead. In all honesty I don’t use them all the time, but truth is if we are getting groceries or at the mall I do, because it’s a hard walk around those places. I could definitely see it being hard with small kids too. There is also the comment or rewarding people who have unprotected sex, I chose to get pregnant, and before that I used birth control. Companies put these in place not to reward people, but to make it easier for people to go and spend their money! I do not see a parking spot as any type of reward, and most of the time, they are taken anyway, and they could be taken by people who are not pregnant.

Then there is also the other parking spots that are intended for other purposes, should they be allowed? I have seen Senior parking, parking for smart cars, should we reward people who are able to spend more money on smart cars to park closer to the stores, what about seniors? I am really not sure why this rubbed me the wrong way, I guess it’s because I chose to get pregnant, and some people even get pregnant accidently, it is not a reward to have parking a little closer to the stores!


  1. I think who ever tweeted that has some serious and deep-rooted issues!

  2. Companies put these in place not to reward people, but to make it easier for people to go and spend their money!