Monday, December 7, 2009

Someone S*** on the Coats

So quick recap of Friday and Saturday to get to the good stuff that happened on Sunday;

Friday I worked and we got groceries and had Subway for supper. I was honestly not knowing what to except for my weigh in Saturday.

Saturday – while Lynn and Angie were running the Santa Shuffle I went to our WW meeting alone. Which was weird because I felt nervous about going in alone, but I did it, and with a .4 loss! I was very excited because it brought my total weight loss to 6 lbs in a month!!

We Christmas shopped Saturday and ended up going to friends and having some wine and cheese! It was a fun night!

Sunday we woke up to snow, which would have been wonderful if we were home, and didn’t have to go out Sunday. I was worried our night would be cancelled.

But it wasn’t and I got ready;


And we headed out. We went to The Old Triangle for supper. I had Pub Style Curry, Chicken curry served the Irish way, over chips with home-cooked mushy peas. I had sweet potato fries instead of regular and they were very good. However as always there were to many so I didn’t eat them all. We also had a Hummus plate to start and I had ginger bread for desert. 


We then headed to the main event. I love Dane Cook and so does the hubby and when we heard he was comming here we definitly wanted tickets! His opening acts were Al Del Bene and Robert Kelly




It was awesome, I laughed through it all. We got out late and I crashed hard as soon as we got home!

Today was back to work, and I was sluggish all day, my eats were also not the greatest. However I will say I was proud of myself because we had pizza for supper and I steamed myself some Broccoli because I hadn’t touched a vegetable all day.

Now I am relaxing with Dean watching a movie and we will be going to bed early!


  1. Oh that looked like a great show!!!
    Glad you made the choice to go to the meeting alone, great courage is yours!!!
    *S* I do that sometimes too, just make a vegetable for the sake of not seeing one all day!!!

  2. I'm so glad that it wasn't cancelled! Glad you had a great time. That curry dish sounds yummy, will have to visit the Triangle soon.

  3. Dane Cook is hilarious! I'm glad you had a good time. I think I need to remember that idea: curry with mushy peas on sweet potato fries. Sounds totally delish! Curry is a fave!

  4. I've never even heard of Dane Cook before - where have I been???