Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly thoughts.

Good evening everyone, well the count down is on. For me it’s the countdown for moving, which also brings the re-launch of my blog. All I really said before is that I was focusing on myself. Well that is because somewhere in this mess of life (approximately in the last year) I have lost my sense of self. I have relied too much on what other people do, say and think and have not been able to get out of that.

So now that we will be in a new house it will be the start of a new journey. I will be focusing on alot of things, some more than others at first. Some of the major topics are;

  • My Physical Health – I am anaemic and have B-12 Deficiency. I need to get them fixed! I also have weight issues that cause me to be unhappy with my self image.
  • My Mental Health – I have had seasonal depression for a few years now, but I am very certain that due to circumstances I have developed a more chronic depression, I want to kick this in the butt with out medication.
  • Work Life – I have never really talked alot about work, but it is a huge stressor for me and I need to let off some steam in this area.
  • Finances – well we are buying a new house so of course this will be a challenge. Lots of people say the first year is the hardest!
  • Hobbies – I have a lot of hobbies, reading, video games, and cross-stitching being the most enjoyable. I hope to include a bit of everything into the blog with some reviews and progress pictures.

Well there is a brief overview. If you interested in any or all stay tuned. I have what I think are some exciting things lining up for my new routine!

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