Friday, October 1, 2010

Starter Home

Well the post you’ve all been waiting for… Ok maybe not but I’ve been waiting to post it! My new home, my new lease on life, and my new way of thinking.

So its October 1st and I have been thinking about weighing in alot… I am going to hold off. I know what the scale said before I moved and I know that I gained weight. I will wait until November 1st to weigh in. The thing in that won’t take very long. Dean has been very good at making sure we bring in good things to our house and not processed junk. He wants to eat right and exercise and develop a good routine. Me too so it all works!

Ok so pictures. We bought a 3 level 4 bedroom semi-private, I already can say there are too many stairs!

SAM_0719Kitchen with Dining room behind me,

Living room which is also where all our stuff is so far,SAM_0720

SAM_0728 basement bedroom, or Caspian's room, and probably future exercise room!





Upstairs bathroom,SAM_0722

SAM_0724 Our bedroom (love the colors!) and no that is not our permanent bed, it is a single we bought from the owners and that is what we are sleeping on, its been tight but cozy!,




basement laundry and bathroom. SAM_0727

The other bedrooms are just bedrooms but I have before pictures so I can compare with the finished product!. So there ya go, so far we have the kitchen unpacked and our clothes are hanging in the closet, of which is amazing with shelves and organizers… plus a additional walk in closet!

Well since this will be posted from Starbucks hopefully today I will leave you there. The rest of our big stuff comes tomorrow and I am sooooo excited!! I will be in touch!


  1. Congrats! It's a beautiful home, can't wait to see it all personalized :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats! Getting you own space is a giant step in positivity! Looking forward to updates.