Monday, March 28, 2011

Personal Growth

It is amazing what one event can do to change your life.

Dean and I joined the gym again, because I have decided I am worth it. I need have to take care of myself. However when we go to the gym and every time we have gone in the past I stick to the cardio machines. A new thing at my gym is to do a “personal health profile”. I signed up for this and I really learned alot about myself.

For example I am almost 40% body fat! That number hit home more than any number on any scale. I also learned that my heart rate is almost too high for my body. Also my knees and ankles are very weak and the trainer said she wouldn’t recommend I attempt any type of running until they get stronger.

So what this has all boiled down to was a major investment. The option of a personal trainer was very much encouraged. They would be able to make me comfortable with the other side of the gym (weights) and would walk me through the process and keep me dedicated. Now the major investment for me wasn’t time. I am ready to do this! It was money. Me and Dean really had to sit down and look at our situation and decide if it was worth it. For us it was. I need to get healthy and this is one of the best ways to do it.

So Saturday I had my first session. OMG. I am still sore today, 2 days later. I enjoyed my time there and I go back tomorrow for my second session. I am still not sure about my trainer but we will see how it goes and give him a shot.  Here are the before pictures and I am excited to see what happens in a month or 3 months!


     Can’t wait to see what happens in a month! I am worth this and need to do it!


  1. Good job Holly...can't wait to see all your great changes!

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