Tuesday, March 29, 2011


OMG the pain I was in from my first training session was brutal. So after speaking to my trainer today at my second session he suggested I take a protein supplement to help re-build my muscles.

So the real question is what supplement to use? Just looking at places like Costco or GNC there are many to choose from. I want something that has about 30g of protein in it. Do I go with bars or a powder to mix?

The best thing about all this for me is that fact that I am really paying attention to things now. I want to exercise and when I was with my trainer I did everything he said. I am sure I will be in alot of pain tomorrow but when I left the gym today I felt good and my stressed out mood I was in when I entered the gym was gone.

One thing I am not doing great at is eating. I am trying to be good and trying to watch what is going into my body but I find it so hard. I want to eat well and I want to stay away from the junk food but I just find my body going and buying food without even realizing it until its in my body.

Wow that ended up being alot of random information, what it boils down to is;

How do you get your daily Protein and do you increase your intake when working out?


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  2. When I was running, I would always make it a point to have protein with meals/snacks. Most days I would have a smoothie made with protein powder too. I tried the protein bars but didn't really care for them.