Saturday, June 4, 2011

Eating Emotions

Well everything was going well. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were really good days. Then came Wednesday night when I found out a co-worker of mine passes away. This was a young woman (mid forties?) with two children under 20. Ugh, so not cool. I work in a big organization but when we lose someone in our department it shakes the whole place.

So Thursday came and I did pretty good at work. We were all upset but it was ok. Then I came home. I have made Thursdays my “rest day” and don’t usually head to the gym after work and we go grocery shopping in the evening. Well no more of that! I came home and ate my days worth of calories on junk. And the whole time I did it I knew I was eating due to stress/grief/anger. It was all emotional eating. I was so mad at myself and feeling so gross from eating so much. I know it’s a good thing that I recognized this. But I never know how to stop it. It’s like my body takes over and my mind is screaming not to go back to the cookie jar but I see myself doing it! Not really sure how to deal with that.

The unfortunate thing is that although it didn’t flow into Friday we did go out for supper. This is another problem for us. We tend to go out too often. I know this and not only is it unhealthy but it is a waste of money! So we have decided not to eat out until Dean’s birthday in July. That being said we know we will be when we go to PEI next weekend but that is it!

How Do you Deal with Emotional Eating??

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  1. The key is not bringing the junk into the house to begin with. If it isn't there you can't binge on it and really, if it is junk it isn't a healthy option even in small portions either, right? If cookies aren't in the cookie jar they aren't there to consume. Nothing goes in my cart at the grocery store that is junk food and it makes it super easy to eat clean.