Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where I stand

From where I stand things are good right now. I have my hubby home with me, which has helped my mood and emotions so much! I must admit I have an amazing husband, he cooks, cleans, takes care of baby. Sure he has his things that bother me, but doesn't every husband?

I am getting ready to gear up to step on the scale and see where I am weight wise. I am waiting until I am 6 weeks post partum. I will have been to see my doctor and hope to get the ok for a good sweat session. I have gone for a few “longer” walks but even they have been a bit rough. My cardio is in definite need of improvement. Also I know I need to gain some strength back, but a lot of that will come from carrying a baby around who is 10 lbs plus her car seat.

I also am very keen on running again. It’s cheap and you can do it anywhere any time, hubby is going to start training for the marathon he’s always wanted to do so I want to train for the 5K I always wanted to run. Slow and steady, while I would love to be ready for the Valley Harvest run in October I am not sure if I will be, I will wait and see how it goes.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a jogging stroller? We plan to invest in one come August probably so we can “run” together. More like at the same time as Dean will have much farther distances to run almost right away. I have looked at a few but really am not sure what I want in one, but I don’t want to get the cheapest unless it is at least decent for me and my running/walking. I am by no means going to be speeding down the road. My motto for this is slow and steady.

Abby is doing great, we were at the doctors this week and she is in the 93 % for her height, we are going to have a tall girl if she keeps it up, her weight is also doing great! She is bright and alert alot, smiles sometimes and is holding her head up very well. She is a month old already! Where does the time go, it felt like she’s always been here, yet at the same time it’s only been 4 weeks.

Overall things seem to be going in the right direction for my little family.


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  2. It is better to let them cry, put them down and walk away. You yourself will then probably cry.