Tuesday, April 21, 2009

feeling better, wedding stress is starting though

Well I said we bought bikes and I am way more a biker then I am a runner. We went for a nice 5K ride and it was nice, and I can say I had fun. Unlike running where I didn't have fun. I can say I am getting more energy back, I have started eating healthy again and am excited to do so, I am also trying to exersize more often, so hopefully it will all work out well.

As for the wedding, well i am starting to feel some anxiety which is to be excpected i guess, but it's still stressful, we are printing out our invites today and that was a bit stressfull, with them not working properly and what not. But its getting done. My Wedding dress is in and that is very exciting, so now i just need to go try it on and see how it fits, and then work my way into making it look better!

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