Saturday, April 25, 2009

100% nice out

Ok so activity has been lacking today, however it is sunny and warm and i relaxed, also didn't do so well yesterday but hey it's the weekend and i still feel good about myself which is the important part in the long run, Dean is out there washing the car, and i got alot of sun so am indoors for now cooling off, I have a feeling my chest is burnt. I also was in shorts which is a change becuase i am usually to uncomfortable in them. So I think friends are comming for a BBQ and to chill which should be fun. Tommorw we have a bike ride planned and i am excited about that. I am going to aim for 6K. I love biking so much better than running. I would however like to go for a walk maybe this eveing just to get some activity in, we will see what the night brings!

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