Monday, May 18, 2009

I think I'm going crazy

Ok so today has been a good day. We slept in till about 730, then I got up and did some strenght and flexibility training for about 20 mins. Then Dean made awsome omletts with salimi, spinach and cheese in them. We had some cantalope aswell and then headed grochery shopping. I must say I am having a very hard time finding good produce at any grochery store and am really thinking about starting to go to fruit stands or something. Any way we had some lunch out and got home. Put all the goodies away and read some of my book. Its a very intersting book a friend lent me about the myan 2012 doomsday propechy. Then and here's where I am crazy; I went for a run... in the rain. Yea insane is the right word. I found out that around my loop is about 1K and thought that would be an excellent starting point. So I ran it... well most of it, I took 3 very little walking breaks that were all hills, but other then that I did it. And I feel good doing it. So now I have gotten my exersize in for the day and am wondering what to do for the rest of the day. Its rainy and crappy so I am thinking of just curling up with my book again and reading for a bit. Mom comes home tommrow and I plan on doing some biking i think. We shall see!

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