Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A nice walk with my dog.

So yesterday was good and today has been ok. I am kinda in a bad mood, not really sure why, but I still got my activity in. I went for a walk with my dog and my music. I enjoyed it but am worn out now. I think alot of it is the weather because it's been grey and gross since about thursday i think. But they are calling for sun now right through the rest of the week. Which is good becuase we have a BBQ comming up on Saturday for a fundriaser. Mom comes home today from visiting my father and I am hoping some good news will come with her. Other than that I finished my book and am starting a new one, don't know how I will feel about it, but we will see. I'm back to work tommrow and hopeing its a good couple days at work, ugh I don't wanna go!!!!

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