Sunday, April 3, 2011

Exercise… Check, Food…

Wow its Sunday again already. I am blessed at having tomorrow off though, and the next 3 Mondays after that. It really is crazy how fast time goes by. I am proud to say that I survived another training session with my Trainer. I am sore again today but I am able to walk up steps and actually move so it is getting better.

I have my exercise down to a good routine for the most part. I even went Friday after doing 4 hours overtime because I didn’t get there Wednesday or Thursday. We also went today and plan to go tomorrow. Tomorrow I will show Dean some of the things I have been doing with the trainer!

I finally did settle on a protein powder. I got one at Costco because it was recommended to me by more than one person. It is Kaizen 100% Whey protein. I choose the decadent chocolate flavour. I had it with just milk yesterday following my session and it kind of just tasted like water. However today I put it in a smoothie with berries and spinach and you could definitely taste the chocolate. So far I like it!

However my eating overall has not been great. I know this is my next challenge but I don’t know how I want to go about it. I don’t really want to restrict my calories too much, I am not worried about my calories, more about what I am putting in my body. We don’t eat alot of processed food at home. But there are more instances than I would prefer that involve us not eating at home and getting fast food or going out to supper. I really want to put a stop to that but with the lifestyle we lead its hard.

I also need to work on getting more fruits and vegetables into my body. I will often bring them to work and then not eat them. I am really about convenience and if the food needs to be cut or peels I often won’t eat it. I am working on it though and I hope that as my body starts to feel better I will want to feed it with better food. I have the desire I just don’t feel I have the strong motivation yet.

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