Thursday, February 5, 2009

rant, and update.

Ok so yesterday was a good day. Didn't the the shred in so will be doing it today. I made pork chops for supper that turned out good and we went to a movie, which as ok.

Today has been not the greatest. It was pay day(yay) but other than that I am in a mood again, which i am trying to shake. So I drove Dean to work, and stayed up as it was 830. I chilled and read for a bit. While I was reading the land lord was outside vacuuming and knocks on the door. He wanted to tell me that Deans boots from work make the carpet outside dirty and maybe I can mention it too him. I am thinking what? Isn't his job to clean the carpets. It is not Deans job to remove his shoes at the elevator. And yea ok it's from our apartment but still. I was soooo tickted. And to add on top of it the fact that they screwed our rent up this month! gah, I am so glad we are moving soon.

So anyway I went to the gym, and I do feel better, alot less angry and a little happier. Tonight I am making soup for supper and hoping it will be enough, then we will do the shred tonight, so i will be so sleepy. and then it's off to work the weekend tomorrow, which is ok, I am going to try to be positive!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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