Friday, February 20, 2009

Mental Health Day

Ok so haven't blog ed all week, but have done fairly well, Only went over cals one day and that was because I didn't know how much I was eating before I ate it (lesson learned). So the week was full of ups and downs, again. I can't seem to shake this stupid depression/low mood, crap. It stormed last night, and the roads weren't bad this morning but i didn't sleep well at all (3 hours tops) so my mind was so racing. I thought off all kinda of stuff and most of it was stupid and me just worrying about nothing. So I stayed home, call it a mental health day. I am going to look into moving companies and e-mail my wedding consultant back with times to meet. I need to start feeling like some of this is really happening and get out of my routine of being blah! Might go to the gym today to run, I did go the other day but almost died from still being not 100%, Dean is sick and we are just full of cranky's. Well that's it for the update now.

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