Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ready to be out!

Ok so I Posted Saturday. And here's what's happened.

Sunday we had to go to brunch with the family, which was more like lunch, I had soup and a wrap and was very good. Tried a few things around but nothing worth mentioning. The food was good but overly priced. The company well some are nuts and make blatant favorites which annoyed me. So back home and we relaxed had a awesome supper dean thought up with chicken and salad and salsa, was very delish. Then more relaxing as we both had to work the next day.

Monday I worked, and I felt the day was very productive and I made myself in a better mood than I had been. I also weighed in and was up 1 lb. But am OK with that, I am trying harder this week and have committed myself to working out 6 days a week, or at least 6 times. I will run for 3 days and do the 30 Day Shred for the rest. So Monday I had also went to the gym and ran, and it felt good. Supper was rice and shrimp and it was tasty as well. We just watched some TV and was in bed by 930.

Yesterday (Tuesday). I also worked, and it was a long day. I went out to an appointment with a Res. and we had a long wait. Plus we were having a snow storm and it was a little stressful. But I am so glad I went because he did very good at his test and I think I gained some respect from some of the staff. So once I got back to work it was just about time to go home, The roads weren't the best but I made it safely. When I got home Dean wasn't in the best of moods, he had been home all day and didn't feel like he had been productive. So we got a little mad at each other and worked it out. Then we had supper which was chicken and mashed potatoes and veggies, very tasty. The biggest Loser was on last night so we watched that and then went to bed.

Today I was up at 530 to drive dean to work, and thankfully the roads were not that bad. Then I went back to bed until 9, which i needed. I haven't really done much since, but will be getting dressed and cleaning up a bit in here soon. Then just going to relax and enjoy my day off. When dean gets home we will do the Shred again, and relax this evening.

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