Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ups and Downs… Ins and Outs

Ugh. Today has been up and down. I worked 16 hours yesterday so I could get today off and spend time with my husband! Now that he’s working we don’t have a whole day off together very often and it was nice to wake up and not have to go anywhere.

Breakfast was really good, Dean made us egg Sammie's with tatziki(sp) and cucumber. The combination went really well. Better then I thought it would originally. We chilled around until a bit later and then headed into the city. We shopped around at Costco and stuff.

When we got back home I was again in a crappy mood. The truth of the matter is I am not a happy person here. This place is just not a happy place for me anymore and it is effecting my mental health and physical health.

So we have started looking for places to live. Any suggestions would be fantastic. Only thing is Dean wants a Washer and Dryer in unit/house!

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