Friday, October 8, 2010

Quick and easy update!

Hey everyone, I am finally glad to say today is the first day I don’t feel the pressure to do a whole lot of stuff.

We are almost unpacked and really all that's left is for pictures to go up. Of course we have a whole lot we want to buy but that will take time. Also I finally have the internet back so I don’t need to worry about going to Starbucks to pay the bills! Today we need to go get groceries again and other than that I am not doing a whole lot.

I am happy to say I am physically worn out. We have not stopped since closing day and we have 3 flights of stairs in our house! I think my legs will be in shape. What did bother me was that doing those three flights up was exhausting. Now I did have some sort of lung infection before moving in and I am hoping that is was that. It has gotten easier now but wow, I need to get active again! I have been taking my vitamins everyday and have even tried to up my Iron to twice a day, I only hope that when I go to the doctor later in the month everything will be in the right spot. Eating has been rather up and down, while Dean cooks healthy and we have eaten lots of fruit and veggies there have been a few slips at work. But such is life and I am moving on. I haven't been tracking anything and I haven't stepped on the scale but until we are in a routine those things would only create more stress.

Mentally Dean and myself are fantastic. Getting out of my mothers basement has been a huge change. I am more alert now, and care more now about things I didn’t really care about before. I am stating to want to look good again and I have not had an “episode” of utter depression and self loathing since we have been here.

Well that is it for today, I am happy to say I am relaxing will probably get my book out soon.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. YAYAYA!! now it's time for you to slowly get all the nic-nacks in order. And find your way to a routine that works for you and Dean- you're going to get there! Take your time and enjoy the process :)

    Take care and Happy Thanksgiving,