Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early Start to my Vacation

So Dean was off sick yesterday and still wasn't feeling good today, so we both played hooky and i got to start my vacation early! We leave on Thursday and while I am scared to be getting on the plane I am excited to be going. We hopefully will have a wonderful time. But when I get back I will dedicate myself to losing 20 lbs by the time of the wedding. That is 3 months away and that is totally possible. I have to go for a dress fitting soon so then I will know what area's I really need to work on... Like my arms and back! Well Wish me luck and hope everyone has a good time while I am away!


  1. Hope you guys have a great time out there! Give us a call when you get back.

  2. FYI:
    I moved my blog and due to configuration you can only get to it by going to www.lifehealthfitness.ca NOT http://lifehealthfitness.ca

    Sorry for the confusion, can you please update your link? Thanks! :)