Monday, June 22, 2009


Well I am home, and glad to be. The trip was good, but a little long. So today was also a new start. We picked up grocheries and got healthy stuff. I am also going to track my calories again and start going to the gym again. Dean will even start going too. I am also looking at job options as alot is going on at work right now. My first day back is tommorw and I am excited to get back into a routien. Even though this week is busy and going to be long once the weekend hits.

On another note my doggy had sx on her toe and is doing good now, she did have a infection though. And my kitty missed me like crazy. All he did all night was purr!

Today I had a good breakfast and Dean made a good pannini sandwich for lunch, I'm still a bit hungry though so may sneak upstairs for some crackers. Supper is suppose to be Turkey tetrazini and will probably be a bit pricy in the calories but it will be good. After supper I hope to get out for a walk but the rain may dampen that idea, we shall see.

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