Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last day of vacation:(

Good morning, well today is my last day of vacation. I didn’t get an evening post in about my eats last night because I was not feeling great and just wanted to read my book. I am reading The Time Travellers Wife. It is good and I am enjoying it. I am going to try to finish it off today though.

So my eats yesterday started off good. Breakfast was cereal with a banana on top. Then I had a snack of 1 cup of melon (honeydew and cantaloupe). For Lunch I finished off the Chinese food that was in the fridge. It was so bad as most of it was chow mien. Then I took the turn for the worse. There was still chips and chip dip left so I dived into that. Blah, I felt guilty but what could ya do? So Supper was roast beef mashed potatoes and carrots and was very good. Then me and Dean had to go out for a few things and I bought some pop (non diet), grrr. And rounded the night out with popcorn, but I didn’t eat the whole bag!

Today I have one more load of laundry to do, and I think I will be going to the gym if all works out vehicle wise. I also may play around with Photoshop some more editing pictures from the wedding. Here is one I did myself;



Ha there we go, Well I may be back again tonight, we will have to wait and see. 

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  1. Time Travellers Wife is my favorite book!!

    Congrats again Mrs Wifey!!