Monday, September 28, 2009

Soul Searching

Well I must say I haven't been following my plan, at all. And I am very discouraged about it. I know I want this, I know I need it. If I didn’t want it then I wouldn’t settle and I could leave it all and not care, but I can’t seem to do that, I’ve tried.

So now I am doing this, Dean will help me and I am asking anyone and everyone for help. I am scared to fail again, and I am really thinking this is almost impossible, but I will do it.

So I need help with some creative healthy snacks and meals. I also need some help finding some activity that I will enjoy. I used to enjoy walking but where we are at now the scenery is the highway and I find that very dull and boring. I would love to have something at home like a treadmill or something but there honestly isn’t any room. Me and Dean will still go to the gym, and I am honestly going to try to do 40 minutes on the cardio machines.

I am done making up excuses and done not doing things, I have the support and there is no reason I can’t do this!!!!

1 comment:

  1. It is not impossible Holly. I know you can do it! I know that when you want something you will work your butt off to get it, your degree is the best example. You were always studying or doing something for school but look how much it paid off. :)

    Considering my record of late, I'm not really one to give advice but just try to focus on you 100%, it's hard but worth it.