Friday, September 18, 2009

It’s Friday!!!

Good evening bloggers. I took a break yesterday because my day wasn’t all that exciting and my food was about the same as it’s been all week. I did get to the gym and I was so sleepy when I got home that I sat in front of the TV and napped most of the evening.

Today though was a pretty good day overall and I am soooo glad it’s Friday!

Work was a good day, I love the staff I worked with today and I hadn’t seen them since I have been back and she was so excited to hear about the wedding, and since my pictures are on Facebook now I got to show them to alot of people.

I got off and we headed home, Dean made supper and it was awesome, Steak and baked potatoes with mashed sweet potatoes! Then we came down to relax and got a upsetting call. Deans parents live in Winnipeg and their 17 year old dog (yea old!) had to be put down today because she was full of cancer. It was upsetting and we are all sad, but at 17 it is safe to say she lived a good life, and all doge go to heaven!!!

So tonight we are relaxing and getting excited for tomorrow where we go to a WWE Raw house event at the metro center. We also have a room booked at the Delta Barrington and are looking at this as a little honeymoon!

My Dad goes back to Ont. Tomorrow which kind of sux but he has been home for 2 weeks and had a good vacation, now its time for everyone to relax and get back into a routine!



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  1. Aww sorry to hear about Dean's dog :(

    Hope you two have fun at WWE this weekend and enjoy your mini honeymoon!