Friday, November 12, 2010

Feel good day!

Hey everyone, I am one of the lucky ones that made the holiday on Thursday turn into a long weekend, actually I took Monday off too so I have a 5 day weekend!

Yesterday I spent as a me day. I did 30 minuets of yoga with Bob Harper on The Biggest Loser game. And I can tell ya I am sore today! I also picked up my mom’s dog.


She is meek and mild, and a huge wimp. She has had two “accidents” since being here. She is totally stressed but I think today she is coming around a bit. We went for a great walk last night with hubby and I went for a solo one with her today! But let me tell you my wonderful cat doesn't like the dog being here. I mean they know each other as we lived with mom for over a year, but he was growling and going on like a possessed beast yesterday. But today he was just sooking up to Daddy in the sun!


Yesterday the rest of the day was reading, and cross-stitching. I decided to start watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning on my weekends, I enjoy doing that while cross-stitching. Dean got off early yesterday so we went out for supper instead of staying in.

Today I was a cleaning machine! I worked from about 830 until 1130 non-stop. I am beat! And speaking of cleaning Angie has a great giveaway on organic cleaners going on right now!

It feels so good for me to have stuff done off my to-do list. Also I have plans with friends tonight, and my aunt tomorrow. Dean is off Sunday and Monday with me so we will see, I would like to get our Christmas shopping out of the way since we have to ship our gifts to the in-laws!

I have been in a pretty good mood this week, I got my blood work done, and I was started on a new inhaler and I am starting to notice a difference in my breathing, which effects soo much! Well I guess that is it to share right now, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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