Friday, November 19, 2010

A Quick Week Re-cap

Well I can admit I am struggling with Weight Watchers. Through the week some Timbits, Cheesies, and Pizza have shown up in the mix. Although I have tracked them and moved on it is still hard at the end of the work day and I have 5 PTS or less to work with for supper. I am horrible at controlling my eating at work, I have known this for a long time. Another issue is that being a nurse everything is usually about food. The girls often bring in goodies and there is usually a bag of chips or box of choclates. It sucks!

I can predict that I will eat better over the weekend while I am off, however I will indulge in some wine I think! It is so much easier for me to eat at home, I don’t become as hungry and I have more choices. Packing food for work is hard and I tend to eat it all if I bring it, so it is hard for me to have options!

I have also notices some things about weight watchers online that I don’t like.

  • They don’t have alot of brand names in their database.
  • They don’t have alot of junk food in their database
  • Points seem more than calories!

I mean take today for example, we were looking for something for supper, we were looking at things that were about 300 calories per serving, which didn’t seem too bad, but when I do the math its 6 or 7 pts! Seems like alot when you do it that way. I don’t know I know there are changes coming to the program and I can only help things will change for the better!

Plans for the weekend include introducing activity back into my life (my ankle is feeling alot better), cleaning and hopefully a trip to Pete’s Frootique. I may also bake but we will see!

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