Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today Remember…


Do you know what that is? It’s a poppy, we where it today. Today is Remembrance Day, the day we are suppose to recognize what the military and veterans have done for us. It started with the first world war, and continues today with the “War on Terrorism” over in the middle east. When I was younger there wasn’t a year I missed going to the cenotaph and watching people lay wreaths and crosses or laying them myself. I was a Navy Cadet first, and even walked with the veterans holding a flag down from the local legion to the cenotaph. That was a cold grey day, and I remember thinking my hands were going to freeze. Then I moved on to Girl Guides. I remember sunny days and rainy days, but I really think all were cold days. It wasn’t until last year that my own friends and family come to mind when I think of everyone who has fought for us and our freedom. One is here and the other is not. One is a friend who I went to high school with. He has done a term in the middle east and has forever been changed by that expiernce.

papa's obit

The other: My grandfather, while he didn’t serve in a war, but he was in the Navy, another experience which also forever changed him, and his whole family. My Dad remembers him being away alot, he had a strict upbringing and he was proud.

Today I remember. When I was a child I did not understand what it meant to remember, I didn’t have anyone to remember. I was always respectful but didn’t understand. I took today off, sure it’s a great excuse to sleep in and not go to work, I even made it into a long weekend. But as the 11 o’clock hour hit, I had tears in my eyes and thought in my head and heart.

So please take a moment to remember who you may have in your life who has been impacted by war, or the military forces, without them where would we be?

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