Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pictures, and Results!

Wow, it’s been a busy week. I’ve been meaning to blog the past few days but it’s just been crazy.slowcook Thursday we went out and I got a new slow cooker! I have been using my Grandmothers for years, it is literally older then me! I got a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker. I used it for the first time yesterday and made the “Garlicky Chicken Stew” out of the newest WW cookbook. As with most recipes it was ok but there are definitely some things I can do to make it better next time!

Friday was spent getting groceries and relaxing on the couch. Yesterday I went to Value Village, with my mom. I scored a great pair of heeled boots and a few shirts. I really enjoy going to Value Village, when I am in the mood.

I also finished up working on my picture box. A few years ago for Christmas Dean gave me this awesome picture box.SAM_0951 Well the plan we came up with was to put a whole year of pictures in it. So every January I print off pictures and put them in the box. I keep the ones I want in a separate folder all year. This year I printed them at Costco, it was so easy and pretty inexpensive. It takes some time to sort through them but I love doing it. I take the pictures from the following year and put them in a photo album, this way I am printing off my pictures, even if it’s once a year. Something that alot of people don’t do anymore due to digital pictures.

Today is snowy and the roads look to be a mess so I think we will be staying in and cleaning. Then we will probably put a movie and and relax. I weighed in this morning and was down a pound. While I know that is great I thought I would do better because I exercised more and followed my points. Oh well start again today with tracking everything and exercise. Should be some good points coming my way with the snow I will have to shovel. Hope everyone has a good week!

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