Saturday, July 4, 2009

Back from planet insane!

OK so I was a little busy this past week with an interview for a new position, that being said I did track a few days but some where just really bad. But it's all behind me know whatever the out come and will focus on my weight.

That being said I signed up for Amy's 15 Week Challenge, which can be found at;

Now I didn't do this weeks challenges. One was to re-create a recipe to make it more healthy. Now this would have been hard anyway since I don't do most of the cooking I just omit food from my plate. The other challenge was a workout Wednesday, which for me I was working and then had to study for my interview which was more important. But next week I am all the ball and will complete everything. I was down a pound this week as well which while I wish it was more its one a week, for 15 weeks would put me 15 pounds lighter. which would put me in the 160's!. So I am excited for a new week!.


  1. We're both gonna rock the next week!! So glad that you joined Amy's Challenge. :)

  2. Congrats on the loss! Looking forward to kicking butt with you on this challenge. (P.S. you can do the workout routine any time during the week for it to count ;-) )