Monday, July 27, 2009

The Weigh In!

Ok so Last week I was really upset with my weigh in (184lbs), But I redeemed myself and this week weigh 180! Still not near where I want and I can't seem to really get into the 170's but it's a loss and that I will handle. And today I am picking up my wedding dress! yay!. It isn't altered yet and I need to look into how long it takes so I can know where I need to be weight wise and kinda stay there untill after the wedding. I am hoping it won't need to much altering.

And also since today is weigh in day and I lost I will allow myself a bit more to eat. Specily since my maid of honor is coming over for drinks and flower making!


  1. That is awesome Holly!!! Have fun today.

  2. Congrats Holly, glad you're down! Keep at 'er!!!! Let's get ready for the beach!