Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A great day!!!!!

What a day!!!!

We started the day with very good breakfast burritos. With egg and tomato, mushroom, some cheese and salsa. It was awesome. I then had a shower and we relaxed a bit and then went to Clam Harbour Beach.
It wasn't sunny but wasn't cold and rainy. We walked the length of the beach and back, and then did these;

Now while I still plan on going to the park, I think this counts towards some of my weekly challenge for the 15 week Challenge!!!!

We went to a fish shack for lunch, and I was very disappointed. I wanted a clubhouse and fries, thinking they would at least have that. But they honestly had nothing healthy there. Everything was deep-fried. I ended up with fish and chips which I enjoyed, but the calories were not pretty.

I got home and was told to call work... and I got the new position I was trying for!!!! It wasn't on the unit I wanted but the one I got is a good one with good staff. So I think everything will work out.

So I napped and then we went to the NSLC for some celebration wine!!!!

So today I am not counting the rest of my calories, but we had a relatively good supper and I won't be snacking too much, just the wine, maybe some chips, lol.

Tomorrow we are off to town and to get our passports, also going to go to point pleasant, and I may even do Amy's workout Wednesday challenge in the park, although I am not looking forward to arm exercises.

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  1. I SO want to go to Clam Harbour, it's my fav of the beaches around here!

    Congrats on the new Job, you deserve it Holly!