Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a day!

I had a crazy day and I still stayed within my calories!!!!

So today was crazy! I started off right with some yogurt and a banana for breakfast, I knew lunch was provided at a meeting but wasn't sure what it was so I wanted to go light. I also had some tziki and pita for a snack.

I had the second part of my interview process today and got totally overwhelmed and was very nervous. But in the end I think I did OK and will get the job. The rest of my normal day was spent in a meeting as I am precepting a nursing student. Lunch was provided but it was relatively healthy, which doesn't normally happen. It was vegetable lasagna and salad. I was very impressed that I even liked the lasagna.

I stayed extra at work today so made some extra cash. But along with staying late comes a free supper, which at our little cafe is normally not good food. I splurged and has some french fries and a chicken club wrap, but only half as my hunny came to eat supper with me.

So I feel I did good, and working a bit longer helped burn off some calories too!

I am off for the next 2 days and hope to get to the gym and also to the park to do some exercise and full-fill Amy's challenge for this week.

Well off to relax and DE-stress!!!

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