Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All Party'd out!

Well I busted my calorie's for yesterday. No point even to cry about it. I did it, I tracked it as accuratly as I could, I move on....

But I had an awsome day! It started with heading into town with mom to try on the wedding dress and bring it home! I didn't remember it completly and I love it! Will need some alteations but not too many. I am super excited.

Then we met up with My MoH and her daughter, on of my bridesmaids and went to Micheals for flowers... $200 later we left to go and bring them back to put it all together. And that's when McDonalds happened. And I learned my lesson, No more Number 2's for me.

So we came home and started drinking, it was vodka and crystal light for me. And my MoH made some awsome flowers... I will post pics soon.... So from about 5 till 1230 we got 5 bouqets done and 3 boutneirs. So we only have 7 left to go and they shouldn't take that long. We didn't hit the bed untill 2:00 and I am a little slow going today but loved every moment of yesterday and the wedding talk!

In all I went over what I had planned by about 900 cals, which was the Micky D's and a little extra vodka I didn't need. But it was worth it and we are headed to the gym today to burn some calories!!!

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  1. Ohh, can't wait to see the pics of your flowers!! Can't believe the wedding is only a little over a month away. So exciting! :)

    At least you got to the gym after McDees, good job!

    PS. Like your new look too.