Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 weeks untill the big day!!!

OK so first off, it's 2 weeks until my wedding!!!!!! Super excited about that, and it is all coming together as well. We have got almost everything done, the last step, and the painful one, is paying for it all! But we will make due!

Scale wise I am about the same, which is fine I guess. I hate the fact that I wasn't able to loose anything for the wedding but I am excited to have the goal to do it once all this craziness is over with. I am thinking of putting together a post with some pictures of all my different weights. That's if I can find any decent pics. I was looking last night and there are some, but not a whole lot.

Plans for the weekend? Well not much for me I don't think. Dean's Bachelor party is tonight and I think I will be chilling at a friends waiting for them to be done, and today I just wanna tidy up a bit, maybe start a cross-stitch. I have been wanting to get back into them for a bit now, just can't seem to find the time. Tomorrow I may have to go into work, but if I don't it will still just be a relaxing day at home. Maybe do some laundry with are insanely slow washer!

Well that is about it for me, the count down is on and I will be busy the next few weeks, but it is exciting all the same!!!

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