Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricain Sunday!

Good afternoon everyone, hope you are all enjoying the weather more than me! We are sitting in a hurricain and our basement is flooding some, the power is out for alot of people and the rain just dosn't want to stop.

That being said I am in my comfy's reading and watching TV relaxing. We had a late night last night at friends and are a little sleepy today. That being said we don't like lazing around and are getting board. But thats ok!

My weigh in this week wasn`t what I wanted to see, but it`s all my own fault, and while I am not happy with it I will survive.

I want to mention congrats to Lynn Who is down 100 lbs! I am so proud and she is a huge inspiration, now if she could only lend me her motivation for a while!

Well that is it for now, just sitting through the storm!

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