Sunday, August 16, 2009

A busy weekend

OK So this was my first real weekend off after my first 5 day work week!!!

And we were busy! Yesterday we headed into town to pick up some things and run some errands. Then we headed to a fundraiser for the Relay for Life, and then met up with some old friends and hit the beach. We left the house around 930, and other than a quick stop to change and drop off out buys from the city we didn't get home till about 830.

We (well hunny) wanted to stay up late, and Ive been wanting to watch the DaVinci Code again since I read the book. And we had a few drinks, while by the first one I was falling asleep and I made it about 3/4's of the way thru the second before Dean said we could go to sleep, which was about 1030!

But I was up by 730 and we have been pretty busy today and havn't stopped. I had some breakfast and we went out so Dean could practice backing up, as he takes his drivers test this week (good luck hun!). Then it was back home where I went through my clothes and changed the bed, and we worked on our song list for the wedding reception. Dean is now washing the car and I am e-mailing some ppl and working on wedding stuff (lists and whatnot)

I am hoping to go to the Beach tonight but we will see.

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