Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wedding Stress!!!!!

Ok so I will start with the good things that happened today....

No, good things did happen. I started my clinical leader position today and was happy to learn that things up on 5C weren't quite as bad as they appeared. Now tomorrow is Doctor day so we shall see how that goes...

And another good thing, we went to the gym, and Dean made a lovely supper of hamburgers and baked potato.

And that is where the good stops and the bad begins. As I couldn't enjoy my supper because I was so mad over my wedding and things are going crazy on that front. So it's bad enough Deans grandparents couldn't come (well won't come but anyway), but I now have to deal with my divorced grandparents acting like they are 12. My grandmother will come to the ceremony but not the reception because, and I quote; "I don't know what your (grand)father will do". Now she said this to my mom a few days ago and it pissed her off too. The RSVP I got was that she was coming to the ceremony (only).................

Like come on these people are in their 70's and apparently can't be civil for their granddaughters wedding??? So I was upset about that plus the fact that we are not getting the responses through RSVP that we need to even have the type of meal we want (buffet). I was so mad I could, oh wait, did cry!

Well that was mostly my day, the rest was sitting contemplating what to do about the reception, and if I will even speak to my grandmother again.

Hope tomorrow is better!

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